JetBrains Academy for Organizations - Versión de agosto de 2021

Agrega nuevas pistas desarrolladas para orientarle en el vasto panorama de la programación Java.
Agosto 24, 2021 - 10:04
Nueva versión


  • Added 5 new Java tracks which have been developed to help you navigate the vast landscape of Java programming. These new Java tracks can help you gradually expand your knowledge and improve in the areas that interest you - algorithms, web applications, backend development, and more.
    • Java for Beginners - If you’re just getting into programming, this track will help you start off without getting overwhelmed. With 4 interactive projects of increasing complexity and more than 80 educational topics, this track will help you prepare for the Computer Science AP exam and is a perfect entry point for your developer portfolio.
      • Beginner friendly.
      • Prepare for the Computer Science AP exam.
      • Learn Java syntax.
    • Java Developer - If you are familiar with the basics of Java and want to learn more, this track is for you. You will refresh your knowledge of Java syntax, learn more about object-oriented programming concepts, and explore standard data structures while creating fully functional applications. This track presents 20 projects of various proficiency levels and more than 240 topics to help you dive deeper into the fundamentals and enhance your knowledge of Java.
      • Beginner friendly.
      • Learn object-oriented and functional programming.
      • Work with databases and HTTP requests.
    • Java Backend Developer - This track was specifically designed to prepare you for your first Junior Developer interview. It contains coding tasks and programming concepts necessary to successfully pass your technical interview. With 15 projects and more than 340 topics, it gives you a great starting point for your professional career as a Backend Developer.
      • Beginner friendly.
      • Learn object-oriented programming.
      • Create web applications using Spring Boot.
      • Work with generics and collections.
    • Java Core - This track is a great choice for learners who want not only to have a firm grasp of Java fundamentals but also to get an introduction to algorithmic problems and math models. 15 advanced projects and more than 270 topics will help you solve real-life development problems while enjoying programming.
      • Master algorithms and structures.
      • Design math models.
      • Work with data.
    • Java Desktop Application Developer - If you already know the basics of Java and would like to apply your knowledge by creating desktop applications, this is the right track for you. With more than 190 topics and 6 projects, you will master the Swing framework and add interesting projects to your portfolio.
      • Create desktop applications.
      • Master the Swing framework.
      • Learn GUI.
      • Explore multithreading.
JetBrains Academy for Organizations

JetBrains Academy for Organizations

Aprenda a programar creando aplicaciones de trabajo.

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