Actualización de JetBrains Academy for Organizations

Agrega una nueva pista de Django Developer que le permite crear aplicaciones totalmente funcionales.
Agosto 26, 2021 - 9:38
Nueva versión


  • Added a new Django Developer track allowing you to learn this framework while creating fully functional applications. This track will be relevant to learners who are already familiar with the basics of Python and to established programmers looking to develop new skills to advance their career.
  • With the Django Developer track, you will be able to add 3 projects to your developer portfolio and learn fundamental programming topics that you’ll need to become a professional developer, such as:
    • Creating web pages and set up their layout.
    • Allowing users to interact with different objects on the page.
    • Working with HTML and CSS to format the pages.
    • Creating and using databases to store and retrieve data.
    • Organizing communication between the server and the clients.
    • Allowing users to sign up and log in on your site.
JetBrains Academy for Organizations

JetBrains Academy for Organizations

Aprenda a programar creando aplicaciones de trabajo.

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