TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Professional 30.0

Agrega compatibilidad con atributos de caracteres extendidos, como subíndice, superíndice, espaciado de caracteres y escalado.
Noviembre 30, 2021 - 11:44
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  • Comments - Enable professional, Microsoft Word compatible collaboration features in your applications. Different authors can add comments to all text ranges and attach Word compatible comments to tracked changes. Comments can be imported and exported from and to Word formats including Office Open XML, DOC and RTF.
    • Visual sidebar to edit comments and replies.
    • Fully featured ribbon group for comments.
    • Add comments from context menu and ribbon bar.
    • Link comments to tracked changes.

Build Windows Forms Applications with .NET

  • This release supports Microsoft .NET 4.0, 4.5 and .NET 4.8 to create Windows Forms applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 and 2022.

PDF Compatible

  • SVG Graphics Support - Use vector graphics in your professional documents and export them to Adobe PDF. This release supports the direct insertion of SVG images into documents. These vector graphics can be fully scaled and handled like any other image format in TX Text Control. When exporting documents to PDF including SVG images, those high resolution vector images are exported as PostScript vector images.

Core Word Processing

  • Extended Character Attributes - Stretch and scale text and spacing of your text. This release supports extended character attributes such as subscript, superscript, text effects, character spacing and scaling. The font and formatting style dialog boxes have been extended to reflect these new text formatting features.
    • Change the spacing between characters.
    • Stretch and scale text horizontally.
    • Automatic subscript and superscript.
    • When using automatic sub- and superscript, the font is scaled and moved above or below the baseline with values defined through the used font. Some fonts do not explicitly define these values. In these cases, TX Text Control uses a scaling of 50% and moving of 40% above and 15% below the baseline.
  • Text Frame Styles - Set the text frame border color and style. This release allows you to specify the border color, background color and opacity and the border style including single and doubled borders. The dialog boxes and the ribbon group received new visual elements to specify these new settings of text frames. The following settings of text frames are now available:
    • Background color.
    • Transparency.
    • Frame line width, color and style.
    • Internal margins.
Extended character attributes

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Professional

Agregue edición, creación y generación de PDF de documentos a sus aplicaciones Windows Forms.

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