JetBrains Academy for Organizations - versión de diciembre de 2021

Agrega 2 nuevos proyectos y 39 nuevos temas educativos, incluido el trabajo con datos en Go.
Enero 04, 2022 - 11:20
Nueva versión


  • Java tracks
    • Strings: Text blocks.
    • Inside the JVM: Stack trace.
    • Also released 3 Java projects from Beta: Account Service (Spring Boot), Learning Progress Tracker (JUnit), and Desktop Calculator (Swing).
  • Python tracks
    • Code quality: Profiling in Python, Python Global Interpreter Lock.
    • Also released the Linear Regression from Scratch project from Beta.
  • Kotlin tracks
    • Project: Watermark (Beta).
    • Topics: Android: BroadcastReceiver, LinearLayout in action.
    • Also released the Indigo Card Game project from Beta.
  • Go track
    • Topics:
      • Functions: Function decomposition.
      • OOP: Structs, Advanced usage of structs, Public and private scopes in Go.
      • Working with data: Writing data to files in Go.
    • Also released 3 Go projects from Beta: Coffee Machine, Simple Chatty Bot, and Obscene Vocabulary Checker.
  • Backend
    • Topics:
      • Flask: Introduction to Flask, Access from browser, Access from console, RESTful clients, Responses, Advanced responses, App configuration, Error handlers, Logging, Requests, Routes.
      • Spring Boot: Logging in Spring Boot, Mapping inheritance.
  • Scala
    • Topic: Introduction to Scala Style Guide.
  • Data Science
    • Topics: Matplotlib area chart, Matplotlib histogram, Matplotlib violin plot, Precision and recall.
  • Math
    • Project: Matrices and Population Genetics (Beta).
    • Topics: Introduction to Boolean logic, Further Boolean logic, Linear programming problem, Relations.
  • Fundamentals
    • Topics:
      • Databases and SQL: Network model, MongoDB VS relational databases.
      • Dev tools: Find and exec, Basic operations with a container.
      • Essentials: Arithmetic expressions in programming.
      • JVM: Garbage collection approaches.
JetBrains Academy for Organizations

JetBrains Academy for Organizations

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