Telerik UI for Silverlight R2 2022

Agrega soporte para ticks menores en gráficos cartesianos y polares.
Mayo 12, 2022 - 11:30
Nueva versión


  • ChartView
    • Added support for minor ticks in Cartesian and Polar charts.
    • Added properties to control the tension of the spline in a chart's spline series.
  • ContextMenu
    • Added new property that indicates whether keyboard cues should appear when opening a menu.
  • Diagrams
    • RadDiagramPrintSettings now provide new options for scaling and fitting diagrams into a different number of horizontal/vertical pages.
    • Added setting for positioning diagrams over print pages.
  • GridView
    • Added the ability to filter distinct values in FilteringControl.
  • Map
    • 'ZoomIn' MouseSelectionMode mode now sets the 'Zoom' property instead of the level for more precise zooming.
  • MaskedInput
    • The disabled background color has been updated to be the same as other input controls in Office_Black, Office_Silver, Office_Blue, Expression_Dark, Summer, Transparent, Vista, Windows7 themes.
  • SpreadProcessing
    • Added the ability to implement cell reference to whole columns and rows, e.g. $1:$2 and A:D.
    • Added CONCAT to the supported functions.
    • The Changing event arguments in FilteredShapeCollection class have been changed from ShapeCollectionChangedEventArgs to ShapeCollectionChangingEventArgs.
  • Spreadsheet
    • Added support for referencing whole columns and rows, e.g. $1:$2 and A:D.
    • Added support for CONCAT function.