PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.66.15908

Agrega Code Lenses para facilitar la navegación por definiciones y referencias.
Junio 29, 2022
Nueva versión


  • Code Lens - Added Code Lenses for PHP code. This feature helps with navigating through definitions and references. Code Lenses are displayed above each function, class, interface, trait, enum, and properties. This shows the number of references and implementations. For overridden methods, it also provides a quick link to the parent definition (displayed as prototype).
  • Generic class-string<T> - There is a special syntax used in Documentary Comments to annotate a variable, which value should be a name of a class. It's usually used by code linters like PHPStan or Psalm. PHP Tools now use this annotation in combination with the support for generics. Parameters annotated with class-string<T>, where T is a template argument, allows the editor to infer the type of T when possible.
  • Laravel Real-Time Facades - The editor now recognizes real-time facades, and provides code analysis, code completion, and overall IntelliSense for them. Each class name which is prefixed with Facades\ is treated as a real-time facade (in case there are Laravel Facades included in the project).
  • Eloquent Local Scopes - Added initial support for Eloquent's Local Scopes, i.e. functions prefixed with scope in the Eloquent Model. Those functions show up in the IntelliSense without the prefix as both static and non-static with its scoped arguments. The editor scans for the local scopes (the functions prefixed with scope on a class that implements Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model or on a trait that is used within a Model class). Such functions are displayed in the IntelliSense and are also recognized by the code analysis.
  • Debug Notices and Warnings - PHP notices and warnings sometimes slide unnoticed. They are now displayed in the Debug Output Pane.
PHP Tools for Visual Studio

PHP Tools for Visual Studio

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