TX Spell .NET for WPF 10.0

Ahora es compatible con indicadores REP de Hunspell utilizados para gestionar marcas diacríticas, diéresis y faltas de ortografía fonéticas.
Septiembre 9, 2022
Nueva versión


  • Build Windows WPF Applications with Microsoft .NET 6 and 7 - TX Spell .NET for WPF 10.0 supports .NET 5, 6 and 7 (Preview) to create WPF Apps in Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.
  • REP Flag Support - Version 10.0 now supports Hunspell REP flags which are used to handle diacritical marks, umlauts and phonetic misspellings.
    • The flag is used to suggest the correct forms for those misspelled words whose incorrect spelling was caused by missing diacritical marks (e.g. 'a' instead 'ä'), incorrect umlaut meanings ('ue' instead 'ü') or for phonetic reasons ('f' instead 'ph').
  • Display Names - Specify display names of dictionaries and synonym lists.
    • This release allows the specification of dictionary display names and synonym lists for display in dialog boxes.
  • NuGet Packages - Use TX Spell NuGet packages for easy installation and deployment.
    • All compiled dependencies are bundled into packages that contain all DLLs together with other required content.
    • After TX Spell has been installed using the developer kit setup, the new NuGet package source "Text Control Offline Packages" is added to NuGet and contains all available packages for Text Control components:
      • Automatic configuration including references and licenses.
      • Comfortable package updates.
      • Easy deployment: Publish support.
REP flag support

TX Spell .NET for WPF

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