Telerik UI for .NET MAUI R3 2022 (v3.0.0)

Agrega el nuevo control DataForm para crear fácilmente formularios que permiten recopilar o editar datos de negocio.
Septiembre 21, 2022 - 9:46
Nueva versión


  • What's New
    • Added DataForm - a control which allows users to easily create a form for collecting or editing business object data.
    • Added AutoComplete - a control which allows automatic completion of user input by search in a data source.
    • Added RadExpander - this component helps you save screen space by presenting content in an expandable container that can be easily expanded/collapsed by tapping on the header of the control.
  • BusyIndicator
    • Added ContentUnderOpacity property.
  • CheckBox
    • Added CornerRadius property. If a value is set, it defines the corner radius of the checkbox. If the default null value is set, the default platform corner radius is used.
  • ComboBox
    • Added AutomationId to RadComboBoxDrowDownButton, RadComboBoxClearButton, and RadComboBoxItemsControl.
  • DataGrid
    • GroupDescriptors, SortDescriptor and FilterDescriptors are now bindable properties.
    • Added Aggregates support.
    • Introduced Column footers.
    • The expand/collapse arrow icon of the groups is now changed.
    • Added the ability to drag a column header onto a grouping panel in order to group the data displayed in the RadDataGrid.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Optimized and reduced the exported document size when using the same font on more than one block.
    • Introduced support for exporting document pages to images.
  • SpreadProcessing
    • Exposed a method converting hex colors to Telerik.Documents.Media.Color.
    • Introduced Print Titles, allowing for specific rows and columns to be repeated on every printed page.
  • SpreadStreamProcessing
    • Implemented workbook import.
  • WordsProcessing
    • DocxFormatProvider: Introduced support for importing images defined in AlternateContent tag.
    • Introduced support for title attribute of the NonVisualDrawingProperties for a shape/image when working with DOCX.
    • Introduced support for Page Numbering Fields - PAGE, PAGEREF, NUMPAGES, SECTIONPAGES, SECTION.
    • DocxFormatProvider: Introduced support for import/export of shapes from/to DOCX file format. Note: Text inside shapes is not yet supported.
New DataForm component.

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