Text Control DS Server 3.0

Inserte campos de firma compatibles con Acrobat Reader y firme digitalmente campos individualmente.
Octubre 10, 2022
Nueva versión


  • Signature Fields - Insert Adobe Acrobat Reader compatible signature fields, and digitally sign fields individually.
    • Introduced native SignatureField objects that are compatible with the online Document Viewer, and can be also used to digitally sign documents when exported to Adobe PDF.
    • Visual signatures - for example acquired through the Document Viewer - can be applied to individual signature fields and digital certificates can be associated.
  • Form Field Dialog Boxes - Ready-to-use dialog boxes for text form field, check boxes, drop-down fields and date picker form fields.
    • Added a set of ready-to-use dialog boxes to define the default form field settings of all supported fields.
    • The dialog can be used to specify not only the name and ID of the field, but also the default size and content.
  • Customizable Context Menu - Customize the context menu of the Document Editor.
    • The online Document Editor provides a fully customizable context menu. Context menu contents can be accessed through a new contextMenuOpening event that allows you to change the items before the menu is rendered.
    • Context menu items can be added, removed and modified. The Location property gives information about the context of the menu and informs whether the input position is a text selection or over a table, image or a header.
Text Control DS Server

Text Control DS Server

Backend de servicios de documentos locales para tareas de procesamiento de documentos en cualquier plataforma.

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