Advanced Installer 20.0

Analice y convierta automáticamente aplicaciones a MSIX.
Octubre 20, 2022 - 10:49
Nueva versión


  • New Repackager Automation and MSIX Compatibility Framework enables your team to automatically analyze and convert applications to MSIX.
  • Support for parallel downloading and installation (with progress) of prerequisites.
  • Customize location when running Microsoft PowerShell scripts.
  • PowerShell automation support for adding 'PowershellScriptFile'.
  • PowerShell automation support for adding chained packages.
  • Security improvement: You can now protect EXE setups from loading tampered versions of 'decoder.dll' file.
  • Added support for synchronizing paths written in INI with APPDIR path and setup install type.
  • Added new Installer Analytics parameter to distinguish between installs and uninstalls.
  • 'Run PowerShell script file' custom action now supports script parameters.
  • Improved the 'Select a Component' dialog.
  • PowerShell custom actions are now digitally signed by default.
  • Added 'Add/SetUwpAppxPackageProperties' command line support for Microsoft Windows Store App and Modification Package projects.
  • Generate a new unique folder name for New, Duplicate, and Copy/Paste build operations.
  • Updated package-related icons and images for a refreshed look and improved rendering on high DPI.
  • Now shows warnings when using some Repackager options.
  • Added symbolic link support in MSI Editor Mode.
  • Added the ability to synchronize file extension icon between MSI and MSIX build.
  • Added new option to disable WinUI transitions.
  • Improved field validation in Repackager GUI.
  • Improved 'copy file/folder' action.
  • Added a predefined prerequisite for Python installer.
  • Updated MSIX platforms to Windows 11 version 22H2.
  • Updated Microsoft .NET and .NET Core prerequisites to latest versions (6.0.10 & 3.1.30).
  • Added predefined launch condition for Windows 11 version 22H2 x64 (Preview).
Advanced Installer Architect

Advanced Installer Architect

Una herramienta de creación de instaladores de Windows para instalar, actualizar y configurar sus productos de forma segura y fiable.

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