PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.70.16698

Resalte las palabras clave con ámbito, como 'while', 'do', 'for' y 'switch'.
Noviembre 15, 2022
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  • Editor:
    • Highlighting Scoped Keywords - Added the ability to highlight scoped keywords such as 'while', 'do', 'for' and 'switch' with the corresponding break and continue.
    • IntelliSense - Updated integrated language manual with more type information. This results in more precise IntellISense, type analysis and code diagnostics. The editor now supports false pseudo-type as a part of PHP union types.
    • Inline Completion - Improved inline completions. When typing function getSomething, the rest of the getter method is now smartly completed, if there is a property $Something in the local class scope. The same with function setSomething.
    • Laravel - New Laravel defaultAliases are now recognized implicitly. This allows IntelliSense to work out-of-the-box with Laravel aliased classes.
  • New Diagnostics - Improved diagnostics in general and improved analysis performance:
    • Added support for a reporting interface containing properties, which is not allowed in PHP.
    • Type analysis now handles array type inferring, avoiding lots of false warnings.
    • Added support for reporting invalid type in echo and concatenation expressions.
    • Type analysis for array_map() is now more precise, if the "map" functions can be determined.
    • It is now possible to use PHPDoc right above constructor property promotion, with just @var annotation.
    • Improved analysis of define() with object.
  • Doc Comments:
    • Generated PHP Doc Comments have been improved. The generated code now complies with PSR-2 and PSR-12, contains more inherited type information and additional annotations.
    • More PHPDoc Syntax - The PHP Editor now recognizes pseudo type never as well. In case you're annotating never-returning functions with the @return tag.
    • Tool-Tips from PHPDoc - Improved tool-tips, which now render HTML annotations such as <b>, <code>, <br>, etc. properly.
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