Advanced Installer 20.2

El nuevo tema de instalación basado en web le ayuda a ofrecer una experiencia de instalación minimalista y sencilla.
Diciembre 15, 2022
Nueva versión


  • Added new predefined theme for Web Installers: Serene Theme.
  • Added an Asset Generator for tiles.
  • Added new GUI option to enable digital signing for custom action binaries.
  • Added Microsoft Visual Studio extension support for digital signatures.
  • Added a new Firewall Rule to block the connection of a specific application.
  • Added the ability to display the architecture for each package when browsing to installed MSIX packages in the "Dependencies" view.
  • Added support for generating assets from the command line.
  • Added a new option to validate JSON file content when using the "Synchronize property's value with the value from a JSON file" option.
  • Added a delay option when starting scheduled tasks configured to run on logon.
  • You can now save formatted text in the "Notes" pane.
  • You can now retrieve temporary folders based on privileges when "GetTempPath2" is available.
  • Updated the Dutch language's translation.
  • Updated Apache Tomcat Prerequisites to the latest version (8, 9 & 10.0).
  • Updated Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server to version 18.
Advanced Installer Architect

Advanced Installer Architect

Una herramienta de creación de instaladores de Windows para instalar, actualizar y configurar sus productos de forma segura y fiable.

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