Actualización de Infragistics Ignite UI for Web Components

Agrega los nuevos componentes ComboBox, Stepper y Pivot Grid.
Diciembre 20, 2022 - 16:16
Nueva versión


  • Added new Pivot Grid Component which displays data in a pivot table and helps perform complex analysis on a data set.
    • Use the Pivot Grid to configure and display data in a multi-dimensional pivot table structure.
    • Rows and columns represent distinct data groups and the data cell values represent aggregations.
    • This allows complex data analysis based on a simple flat data set.
    • Includes easy configuration of different dimensions and values as well as additional data operations like filtering and sorting.
  • Added new ComboBox component which is a lightweight editor that enables users to easily select, filter and group predefined options in a list.
    • A list of options is provided from which users can make a selection. It displays all options in a virtualized list of items, meaning the ComboBox can simultaneously show thousands of records, where one or more options can be selected.
    • Supports options for keyboard navigation plus templates to customize how items, header and footer are displayed.
    • Additionally, the component features case-sensitive filtering, grouping, complex data binding and more.
  • Added new Stepper Component which provides a wizard-like workflow and is used for showing progress through numbered steps.
    • Enables developers to divide lengthy content into a sequence of logical steps, helping end-users more easily navigate the entire process.
    • The component is displayed as a vertical or a horizontal line and has multiple features like step validation, styling, orientation and keyboard navigation.
Stepper component

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