C++Builder 11.3 Alexandria

Ahora puede crear para las versiones más recientes de las plataformas, incluidas Android 13 y Windows Server 2022.
Febrero 28, 2023
Nueva versión


  • Target The Latest Platform Versions - This version adds official support for Android 13 and Apple macOS Ventura. It also supports Ubuntu 22 LTS and Microsoft Windows Server 2022.
  • Use Biometric Authentication - New offers a new Mobile Biometric Authentication component for FireMonkey mobile applications.
  • Deploy Embedded InterBase Dev Edition - Now ships with the recently released InterBase 2020 Update 4 Developer edition and IBLite/ToGo edition.
  • Debug with LLDB-Based Debuggers - Added new LLDB-based debugger for macOS Intel and 32-bit Android. With version 11.3 all non-Windows platform debuggers have moved to LLDB architecture.
  • Build Better Apps With FireMonkey Enhancements
    • Apple iOS
      • Improved scrolling for TDateEdit, TTimeEdit, and TComboBox.
    • Android
      • DocumentFile Provider support.
      • Graphics improvements in the TBitmap and TCanvas classes and controls, including Multiview (with platform control type), SpeedButton, Label's FocusControl, TTreeViewItem's IsChecked and TEdit when used inside a TVertScrollBar.
      • Improved Tab key cycling across user interface controls.
      • ClipChildren now takes XRadius and YRadius into consideration.
Target the latest platform versions

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