PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.73.17725

La nueva herramienta de generación de perfiles, Profiler Tool, le permite comenzar rápidamente a crear perfiles, inspeccionar solicitudes e inspeccionar datos de creación de perfiles.
Abril 21, 2023 - 10:32
Nueva versión


  • Profiler Tool
    • A simple and efficient way of profiling your PHP projects has been added. The new Profiler Tool Window allows you to quickly start profiling, inspect requests and inspect profiling data.
  • Code Formatter and Code Styles
    • Now includes a completely revamped code formatter that offers greater flexibility and customization options, including the ability to set formatting options from predefined code styles.
  • Refactorings
    • The existing code actions have been improved, simplifying various expressions. Also, a new action has been added: converting a string with a class name to syntactically valid ::class pseudo constant.
  • IntelliSense
    • Code completion inside trait adaptation blocks has been added. This gets correct keywords, trait names, and function names in the correct context.
    • IntelliSense now takes the 'phpstorm.metas expectedArguments()' annotation into account. Code completion provides the list of expected arguments if possible.
  • Doc Blocks
    • @uses and @see PHPDoc tags are now recognized correctly, and the reference symbol names get IntelliSense features - refactoring, highlighting, and tool tips.
    • Various improvements have been made to the PHPDoc type system, so it respects PHPStan and Psalm conventions.
  • Code Diagnostics
    • Analysis has been improved to avoid false warnings.
    • Fully supports new PHP 8, 8.1, and 8.2 union and intersection types.
    • Unknown properties or non-static methods called statically are now reported.
    • Highlighting and code fixes for unused use have been optimized and now respect types within @method, @see, and @uses.
    • class_alias() are now respected when checking type inference.
PHP Tools for Visual Studio

PHP Tools for Visual Studio

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