UEStudio v2023.0

Agrega compatibilidad con JavaScript moderno y capacidades completas de navegador.
Abril 25, 2023
Nueva versión


  • Application scripting update
    • Added modern JavaScript support and full browser capabilities.
    • Added legacy JavaScript support by default for full backwards compatibility.
  • Dockable Microsoft PowerShell terminal
    • Added dockable windows, which can be placed anywhere as a floating window or docked in any orientation.
    • You can now execute any valid shell commands.
    • You can now edit and run PowerShell scripts from the ribbon.
    • You can now run selected portions of PowerShell scripts.
  • Enhanced live preview: Dev Tools and Select/Capture/Print
    • You can now select 'Inspect' from the live preview context menu.
    • You can now review DOM and loaded resources.
    • You can now select commands from the live preview context menu.
    • You can now 'capture as text' and 'capture as image'.
    • You can now print rendered pages to printer or PDF.
  • Improved spell check.
  • Improved FTP/FTPS/SFTP.
  • Other notable enhancements and quality improvements
    • Improved Comment/Uncomment.
    • Improved URL highlighting and interaction.
    • Enabled updated JavaScript support for command line script execution.
    • Added PHP, Python, Ruby, and PowerShell commands to Coding ribbon.


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