UltraCompare v2023.0

Agrega opciones de comparación de carpetas de marca de tiempo: Modified, Accessed y Created.
Junio 1, 2023
Nueva versión


  • File merge UI enhancements:
    • Added merge buttons for each difference.
    • Improved visibility of difference blocks.
  • Folder mode enhancements:
    • Added hash compare options: CRC, MD5, SHA1 and SHA256.
    • Added timestamp compare options: Modified, Accessed and Created.
  • Added new ignore options:
    • File extensions.
    • Daylight savings.
    • Timestamp range.
  • You can now compare arbitrary column ranges between two files.
    • Supports multiple arbitrary column sets.
  • Folder session display and filter option defaults can now be set.
  • Users can now specify Git folders to include (not just exclude).
  • You can now allow difference text background color and common text background color to be independent.
  • Restored command line functionality from previous versions.
  • Confirmation button has been added to dialogs prompting users to apply changes to the active session.


Comparación de archivos, comparación de carpetas y diferencias de combinación.

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