TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 31.0 SP3

Mejora los filtros de imagen, los campos de texto y los marcos de texto.
Junio 23, 2023
Nueva versión


Image Filters

  • SVG Import: Signature images from the DocumentViewer cannot be loaded properly.
  • RGBA definition for Stroke element in SVG is not implemented.
  • WMF images are not saved to PDF if located in the lower half of the document.


  • Numbered list does not display correctly after second list.


  • The German hover menu for "Markup Anzeigen" has a spelling error.

Text Fields

  • TextFieldDeleted event is not fired if a FormField is deleted while Track Changes is active.
  • Wrong page number in following section.

Text Filters

  • HTML filter does not recognize double underline.
  • DOCX corrupted when track changes are enabled and field was deleted.
  • Shapes disappear when exporting to PDF.
  • When using the DOCX format, tables are displayed with an indent in Microsoft Word.
  • Paragraphs loading with incorrect fonts.

Text Frames

  • Error after inserting frame and undo.


  • Undo does not work in some cases.

Web Editor

  • textFieldLeft not triggered when leaving a field using selection.


  • Changing isFormFieldValidationEnabled does not change the Ribbon at all.
  • Table layout tab does not recognize input position change.
TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Enterprise

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Enterprise

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