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Envía y recibe mensajes SMS fácilmente utilizando servicios SMS populares en la nube como Twilio, Vonage y Clickatell.
Octubre 2, 2023
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IPWorks VoIP Beta Updates

  • IPWorks VoIP, a SIP toolkit for CTI applications, includes the IPPhone component for handling inbound and outbound calls, audio conferencing, wav file playback, and text-to-speech. The IVR component enables customized call routing and Interactive Voice Response applications. IPWorks VoIP is compatible with both on-premise and hosted SIP services. The latest beta brings the following new features:
    • SIPS (Secure SIP) support.
    • SRTP (Secure RTP) support.
    • Attended Transfer support.
    • Improved noise suppression.
    • Streamlined, event-based audio playback.

Cloud SMS Released

  • Cloud SMS has now been released. Send and receive SMS messages easily using popular cloud SMS services such as Twilio, Vonage, Clickatell, etc. The SMS component implements a single unified API for all supported services.

PKI Proxy Beta Updates

  • PKI Proxy is a secure key server which enables remote code and document signing using centrally stored keys. Any application that supports signing with Microsoft Windows certificates or PKCS#11 can use certificates shared by PKI Proxy transparently, including SignTool, Jarsigner, and Adobe Acrobat. REST access is also available, enabling in-browser signing. PKI Proxy can share certificates and keys residing in system stores, HSMs, PFX files, USB tokens, and other media. Sharing is performed securely, with the private keys never leaving their storage location. The latest beta has several new features, including:
    • Windows Certificate Store Access via a new Key Storage Provider (KSP) module.
    • Cross-platform PKCS#11 driver (Windows/Linux/Apple macOS).
    • Administration command line utilities for scripting integration.

SecureBlackbox Updates

  • Many of the core components have been updated to reflect changes in industry expectations and provide higher performance and better interoperability:
    • Integrated new Fortuna random number generator, which is now the default PRNG used in the library.
    • Added built-in support for native certificate stores on all supported platforms.
    • Refreshed and modernized the TLS engine.
  • Made enhancements in the Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES) engine, covering all subsets including CAdES, XAdES, PAdES, and JAdES. The the following is a list of the principal changes in this release:
    • Added support for VRI (post-signature) timestamps in PAdES documents.
    • Added fault-tolerant timestamping in all signing components.
    • Added archival timestamp V3 support in CAdES and ASiC.
    • Added support for hybrid flows and HTTPS receivers in OAuth client.
    • Added support for external signing with ECDSA keys in all components and editions.
    • TLS engine has been updated to support OCSP Stapling, ALPN, and client-side global session cache.
    • Made a variety of interoperability and performance improvements in Mail components.

Additional Updates

  • Many improvements and features have been added. Below are some of the additional updates available in this release:
    • IPWorks SSH adds support for new Universal Hash Function MAC (UMAC) algorithms.
    • Linux support is now available for SFTP Drive and S3 Drive.
    • AES Drive can now run as a Microsoft Windows Service.
    • IPWorks SNMP adds support for SSL/TLS over TCP.
    • Added CARGO-IMP read/write/translate support in IPWorks EDI.
/n software Red Carpet Subscription

/n software Red Carpet Subscription

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