DevExpress WinForms 23.1.6

Mejora Diagram, Scheduler y VerticalGrid.
Octubre 20, 2023
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All WinForms products

  • Async Document Creation - XRSubreport query parameters are not updated.
  • End-User Report Designer:
    • Part of Ribbon disappears after reopening a form when Workspace Manager is used.
    • Smart tag buttons are not displayed for controls that a custom IFieldListDragDropService creates.
    • Report Parameters Editor ignores custom names provided by IDisplayNameProvider.
    • The "Add Custom Expression" button is disabled in the FilterString editor.
  • PdfDocumentProcessor - ArgumentException is thrown and the document content is corrupted when the document is saved.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer - No Microsoft .NET 8 runtime found (SDK 8.0.100-preview.6).
  • Watermark is drawn with different coordinates in v22 and v23.
  • XRLabel.AllowMarkupText functionality produces unnecessary line breaks when a non-breakable space character appears in the text.

MVVM Framework

  • OfficeNavigationBar does not generate the latest item when DocumentManagerService is used.

PDF Viewer

  • PdfViewer fails to import a specific PDF file.
  • PdfViewerControl - ArgumentException is thrown on loading a valid document.

XtraBars Suite

  • AccordionControl - Popup orientation is incorrect if the menu is opened for the first time when using multiple monitors and docking the menu to the right.
  • AccordionControlElement's HeaderIndent property is not taken into account in the accordion popup.
  • BarLargeButtonItem - SvgImage is not correctly scaled when its SvgImageSize is specified.
  • Button position is calculated incorrectly when the toolbar floating form does not have enough space to show all buttons.
  • Ribbon Control - The "Show QAT" menu item does not work in Microsoft Office 365 ribbon style if the ToolbarLocation property is set to Hidden in code.
  • RibbonMessage - Text does not wrap and goes outside the visible area when RibbonControl.AllowHtmlText is enabled.
  • TabForm's title bar is not visible when the MDI child TabForm is minimized.
  • TileNavSubItem displayed at level 3 in the WXI skin has poor readability.
  • WidgetView - DocumentEventArgs.Document is always an EmptyDocument instance in the EndDocking event handler when a document is resized.


  • Right-angle connectors aren't correctly routed when connected shapes are moved or resized.

XtraEditors Library

  • ComboBoxEdit - Renaming a new HtmlTemplate causes incorrect code generation in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • FileExplorerAssistant - GridControl displays an incorrect file size when an archive is modified.
  • Fill style does not work when an image is hovered over.
  • HTML/CSS - The "min-width" CSS property doesn't work correctly with the "td" HTML tag.
  • HtmlContentControl - Bullet points disappear after scrolling.
  • LookUpEdit - Multi-select checkbox does not work for search results that the AutoSearch feature returns.
  • Navigation through TextEdit and its descendants with Tab does not work in DirectXForm.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the OnKernelViewModelShellFolderDeleted method.
  • ProgressBarControl does not notify a screen reader when its value is changed.
  • SearchControl incorrectly highlights HTML formatted text in ListBoxControl.
  • SuperToolTip - Text is incorrectly displayed when a tooltip is displayed near the edge of the screen.
  • TabForm's title bar is not visible when the MDI child TabForm is minimized.
  • TextEdit - The editor retains the read-only state background color in WXI under certain conditions.
  • TokenEdit - Editor's height is incorrect when the WXI skin is used.
  • UI Templates - ToggleButton draws its state incorrectly until the control is hovered over or focused.
  • WXI - Item spacing in Radio Group is not affected by the Compact mode.
  • XtraForm's shadow permanently disappears if FormBorderEffect is set to None.
  • XtraMessageBox:
    • XtraMessageBox.Show method returns DialogResult.Cancel if the Message Box form is closed by setting the form's DialogResult.
    • Y/N keys do not close the dialog if an HTML/CSS template is used.


  • Gantt Control cannot parse Guid values from strings stored in the Predecessors field.
  • GanttControl prints only the tree area after the export mechanism is executed.

XtraGrid Suite

  • Bottom control is trimmed from below in Conditional Formatting dialogs in the WXI skin.
  • GridControl:
    • Multiple clicks are required to change the checkbox value in ItemsVIew.
    • GridControl - The CustomUIFiltersTemplateContainer.QueryDataSource method may throw NullReferenceException in Microsoft .NET 5+ projects.
  • Password doesn't get applied if GridView is exported to an XLSX file and the XlsxExportOptions.EncryptionOptions.Password property is set.
  • RepositoryItemHypertextLabel - The GetExportMode method always returns ExportMode.Value even though the ExportMode property returns ExportMode.DisplayText.
  • TileView:
    • Asynchronous image loading causes ArgumentException under certain conditions.
    • Drag-and-Drop Behavior behaves incorrectly when OptionsHtmlTemplate.ItemAutoHeight is enabled.
    • System.IndexOutOfRangeException occurs when filtering Kanban board.

XtraLayout Suite

  • LayoutControl - NullReferenceException occurs under certain conditions when removing layout items.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs when XRRichText with ProcessDuplicatesMode="Merge" is used.
  • Comments - Comment's text is overlapped after the "Increase Indent" action is executed.
  • Document protection is disabled after Korean text is typed in a document.
  • An empty page is shown on hiding page content if the content includes a Section Break.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on loading a document with the embedded DOCVARIABLE field.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when the control calculates the table layout.
  • Caret has an incorrect position when it points to Korean symbols.
  • Grow Font and Shrink Font commands do not work with Arabic content with "Al-Mateen" and "Sakkal Majalla" fonts.
  • IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown on deleting a new line in a protected document.
  • Korean characters are not visible in the editor after entering the space.
  • Modify Style dialog does not show table style settings in the table preview.
  • The selected symbol in the "Customize Bulleted List" dialog is not taken into account in the bulleted list.
  • RichEditControl doesn't display charts in a specific document.
  • RichEditControl fails to open a specific Open XML document with an invalid hyperlink.
  • RichEditControl incorrectly renders vertical text in a table cell for a specific DOTX file.
  • RichEditDocumentServer:
    • A document is loaded with a corrupted layout.
    • Hidden text does not leave an empty line in the document exported to PDF.
    • InvalidOperationException is thrown when HTML content is loaded from different threads simultaneously.
    • Tab stops have an incorrect position when text is moved to a new line.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • It is not possible to change the view type in the ActiveViewChanging event handler.
  • Appointment status strip is drawn partially black when the WXI skin is used and the StatusDisplayType setting is set to Time.
  • Recurring appointment deletion confirmation dialog is scaled incorrectly on high-DPI monitors.
  • System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs when a new record is added to the Appointments data source after Scheduler Control is disposed of.


  • PageBreakPreviewCommand throws an exception on execution.
  • The default Fill Handle behavior in Excel is different when multiple cells or merged cells are selected.
  • AutoFit function calculates the column width incorrectly in certain cases.
  • The automatic font color in the Format Cells dialog does not take the applied skin into account.
  • Workbook - IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when a document is exported to PDF.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • Drag-and-Drop Behavior displays an empty node image if HTML/CSS node templates are used.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • Property Grid Control - Office View - Two tab beaks are displayed if the PropertyGridControl.SelectedTab property is modified before the form is shown.
  • Property Grid Control does not refresh the value of a property after the user closes its editor.
  • PropertyGridControl - Disabled row is painted with a white background color in Office View.
  • VGridControl:
    • CustomRecordCellEdit is raised for CategoryRow instances.
    • Row headers use appearance settings stored in the AppearanceCell property instead of AppearanceHeader.
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