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PDF4NET Updated

Abril 16, 2012 - 14:30
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PDF4NET is a .NET library for creating, editing and filling PDF files on the fly from any .NET application. It provides a simple API that allows you to create complex PDF documents or to edit existing PDF files with a few lines of code. Core functionality includes PDF creation, PDF editing and PDF forms filling.

Updates in V4.4

  • Added QR barcodes
  • Added PDFAnnotation.ID property

About O2 Solutions

O2 Solutions is a small Romanian based software company focused on developing products for the software industry. It is dedicated to providing the finest components and highest quality support to its customers and to the worldwide developer community. The company is committed to supporting the .NET Framework in the present and future by developing high performance components for all .NET enabled environments.

A PDF form created with PDF4NET.

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