Antenna House Regression Testing System launched

Fast, automated and accurate PDF output comparison testing.
Abril 25, 2014
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Antenna House Regression Testing System (AHRTS) is an automated system for testing publications, graphics, business documents and virtually any paged PDF output from any software. It compares the visual PDF output, not the underlying code.


  • Compares visual output.
  • PDF to PDF file comparison.
  • PDF to PDF directory comparison.
  • Able to test any PDF output.
  • Unlimited page comparison.
  • GUI Interface.
  • Image to image comparison.
  • Difference highlighting.
  • Exclude portions of a page from comparison.

About Antenna House

Antenna House has been developing computer software since 1984. The company offers advanced document conversion and file viewing software. They currently operate out of 4 international locations and welcome new partners from around the globe.

Visually compare PDFs using AHRTS.

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