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Altova MissionKit Enterprise Concurrent Users

Altova MissionKit Enterprise is the ideal product suite for the software architect who needs UML modeling and database management tools in addition to advanced XML, Web services, and data integration capabilities. The Altova MissionKit Enterprise includes the following XML, database, and UML tools: XMLSpy – an XML editor, MapForce – an any-to-any graphical data mapping, conversion, and integration tool with support for XML, databases, flat files, EDI, Excel, XBRL, and/or Web services, StyleVision – a graphical stylesheet designer for XML, XBRL, and databases, UModel – the UML tool for software modeling and application development, DatabaseSpy – a multi - database query, design, and database comparison tool, DiffDog – an XML aware diff/merge tool for file, folder, and directory differencing, SchemaAgent – a graphical XML Schema, XSLT, and WSDL file management and modeling tool, and SemanticWorks – a visual RDF/OWL editor.

Altova MissionKit Enterprise includes the following products:

  • XMLSpy Enterprise Edition
  • MapForce Enterprise Edition
  • StyleVision Enterprise Edition
  • UModel Enterprise Edition
  • DatabaseSpy
  • DiffDog
  • SchemaAgent
  • SemanticWorks

Altova XMLSpy Enterprise delivers all the power you need to create advanced XML applications, yet at the same time it’s flexible enough to allow you to work with XML using the views and options that best suit your business needs and working preferences. XMLSpy increases...

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Altova MissionKit adds Graphical JSON Schema Editor
Altova MissionKit adds Graphical JSON Schema Editor
Full-featured, drag and drop JSON Schema editor helps greatly speed schema generation.
Altova MissionKit adds Support for SQLite Databases
Altova MissionKit adds Support for SQLite Databases
Convert between XML and SQLite relational database structures.
MissionKit improves XPath and XQuery Support
MissionKit improves XPath and XQuery Support
New version increases the processing speed of XPath and XQuery statements.
Altova MissionKit 2015 released
Altova MissionKit 2015 released
New version adds support for the XQuery Update Facility, JSON data mapping and XBRL Table layout previews.
Altova MissionKit 2014 updated
Altova MissionKit 2014 updated
New release includes XSL Speed Optimizer and extended standards support for XSLT, XQuery and XBRL.
Altova MissionKit adds RaptorXML Engine
Altova MissionKit adds RaptorXML Engine
New version also adds XML Schema 1.1 and XPath/XSLT/XQuery 3.0 support.
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Precios desde: $ 6,053.26

Installed-User: You may install and use one copy of the Software on any compatible PC up to the Permitted Number of computers. The Permitted Number of computers is determined when the license(s) are...

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