Aspose.Cells for .NET V21.3

Released: Mar 11, 2021

Actualizaciones en V21.3


  • Added the ability to clear all merge areas on a sheet.
  • Added the ability to digitally sign Microsoft Signature Lines in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Added Digest algorithm.
  • Added the ability to convert a Signature Line to an image.
  • Added support for copying QueryTable when copying workbooks.


  • Native chart color palette is not preserved.
  • Workbook.Settings.RemovePersonalInformation is not effective.
  • The generated file is corrupted when saving xls file with embedded word6.0 doc file as XLSX.
  • Slow performance when refreshing a big pivot table.
  • Equation is lost on re-saving ODS file.
  • The size and position of the arrow shape are incorrect.
  • Chart.RefreshPivotData() removes axis number format.
  • Incorrect headings when rendering print area.
  • MS Excel needs to repair file after re-save via Aspose.Cells.
  • Formula calculation results different when implementing circular references and iterations.
  • Aspose.Cells incorrectly presents date in Japanese format.
  • MS Excel prompts an error message when opening a re-saved XLTM file by Aspose.Cells.
  • List item selection not working when loaded into ASP.NET application.
  • Excel Accounting Underline is cut off when exporting to PDF.
  • Column width is smaller than expected while import/map XML file into workbook.
  • Chart legend text does not display properly.
  • Chart.Calculate() in charts changes chart formatting.
  • XLSX to PDF conversion issue with pivot tables.
  • Charts which refer other sheets are not displayed.
  • Chart is lost on re-saving ODS file.
  • Difference in row height calculation.
  • Autofit rows and standard height not working properly for merged cells.
  • Inserting column into a table causes the workbook to corrupt.
  • Issue with InsertCutCells API affecting cross-worksheet formula references.
  • ForceFullCalculation reverts to false after re-save.
  • Removing empty rows does not update the comment shapes accordingly.
  • Shape.UpdateSelectedValue() causes improper shape update.
  • Exception when loading an HTML.
  • Exception raised while importing HTML to Excel file.
  • Adding HTML tags to cell throws System.FormatException.
  • Invalid end row index exception while opening Office 2000 XLS file.
  • Cells Workbook Load Failure with Exception.
  • Exception raised while loading the XLS file.