PhpStorm 2023.3.4

Released: Feb 14, 2024

Actualizaciones en 2023.3.4


  • Inspections "Edit severities" no longer opens the Severities Editor.
  • Setting Sync sync failed. Couldn't get settings from server: Authentication required.
  • Updated Space SDK version to 1.1.174810.
  • Big file conversion leads to a freeze.
  • HttpClient: on import big postman collection get Unhandled exception in [CoroutineName(com.intellij.httpClient.postman.converter.action.ConvertPostmanCollectionService).
  • HttpClient: on conversion some postman collection instead of one .http file separated JSON files created.
  • HttpClient: after postman conversion some variables doesn't have values in env file.
  • HTTP Client: consider user-info URL part in Postman converter.
  • HttpClient: detect postman collection without postman_collection extension for import action.
  • Errors thrown outside Vitest 1.x test/describe should be reported.
  • Redshift: Unable to see external Datashare databases in Database Explorer.