Lanzamientos de PhpStorm

Released: Mar 18, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 2016.1

PHP Language and Editing Experience

  • Better PHP Language Support - Improved type inference, completion and support of traits.
  • Support for Group Use Statements
    • Reuse of group use statements during auto-import.
    • Support for group uses during refactoring (move method, class, namespaces refactorings).
    • Handy intentions to group or split use statements.
  • Make Static Refactoring - Easily make methods static in any situation, by converting all invocations and by adding an object as a...

Released: Nov 5, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 10

  • PHP 7 Support - PhpStorm 10 provides extended PHP 7 support, including PHP 7 compatibility inspections.
  • Improved Code Completion - Code completion has been significantly reworked:
    • Method name and signature completion for parent overriding and interface implementation.
    • Property and constant completion for parent overriding.
    • Completion of languages for persistent injections after @lang.
    • Better completion of language constructs (exit, isset, etc.), type casts.
  • In-place Rename...

Released: Jul 9, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 9

  • Understand Code - All PHP-related subsystems have been updated. Features include advanced PHP type inference, support for persistent language injections and numerous new inspections and intentions.
  • Postfix Code Completion - Transform an already typed expression to another one based on the postfix, the type of expression and its context.
  • Partial PHP 7 Support - This initial support makes it possible to use PHP 7 in new projects.
  • Inline Debugger for PHP - All debugging data is shown...

Released: Sep 22, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V8

  • Laravel’s Blade Templates - Highlight syntax in template files, code completion for directives and Blade-specific navigation.
  • BDD for PHP using Behat - Fully utilize behavior-driven development for PHP thanks to Behat integration.
  • Full WordPress support - Support for hooks, WordPress code style, WordPress-specific navigation features and a command line tool.
  • Remote PHP Interpreters - Run your application and PHP-based tools on a production-like environment, be it the real...

Released: Apr 25, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V7.1.3

  • Exception breakpoints and Xdebug JIT support.
  • Full Doctrine-style PHP annotation support.
  • Document mixins regardless of PHP version.
  • VCS-friendly deployment configs.
  • Clickable @link URLs.
  • Parameter name suggestion based on type names.
  • Mocha framework integration.
  • Improved support for the Dart language.
  • LESS 1.5.0 support.

Released: Oct 24, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in V7

  • PHP Language Support - PHP 5.5 is now fully supported.
  • Efficient Code Reading - Improved PHP syntax coloring for various constructs.
  • Vagrant - Vagrant is a handy tool to help you create reproducible development environments.
  • Remote Configuration - SSH Console lets you connect to a remote machine and perform actions via SSH.
  • Framework Specific Command Line Tools - Includes support for Zend Framework 2 Tool, Tools based on Symfony (such as Laravel and Doctrine) and Drush.
  • App Engine...

Released: Aug 23, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in V6

  • New refactorings including Change signature, Pull Up/Push Down class members and Move class to another namespace.
  • Create a new project using the Composer.
  • Manage dependencies and add packages with a user-friendly UI.
  • Work with the Composer via a command line tool including command auto-completion within the IDE.
  • Smarter handling of namespaces, with Auto-Import, Optimize Imports and folding for Imports.
  • Code (re)arranger, a powerful tool to control the structure of your existing and...

Released: Nov 2, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in V5.0

  • PHP Editor - Detect variable types and significantly reduce the number of false positives during code inspection.
  • PHP Code Quality - Show potential problems so you can fix them before running.
  • Frameworks - New MVC view for Symfony2 & Yii frameworks.
  • Databases - Live database schema, generation of schema migration scripts, export query results to CSV, TSV, HTML, SQL INSERT or SQL UPDATE.
  • Live HTML/PHP/CSS/JS Editing Preview - Start editing code and see changes immediately in...

Released: May 2, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in V4.0

  • PHP 5.4 Language Features Support - Including traits and all the new syntax improvements
  • Code Coverage for PHPUnit - Code Coverage for PHPUnit marks covered and uncovered lines visually in the editor and shows how much of your code is covered with tests
  • Drupal Coding Style Support - PhpStorm 4.0 contains a bundled predefined coding style for the popular Drupal content management platform
  • Check Your Code with PHP Code Sniffer - Check your code on the fly with the PHP Code Sniffer...

Released: Jan 10, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in V3.0

  • PHP UML - Understand and change code by providing editable UML class diagrams for PHP code. Quickly examine your application structure, create and edit classes and their relationships. Many refactorings can be applied directly from the diagram, via the shortcut menu.
  • Profiler Integration - Profile your scripts from PHPStorm with either Xdebug or Zend Debugger. See aggregate reports and jump from execution statistics directly to functions in your PHP code.
  • New PHP Formatting...