Wijmo Enterprise 2019 v3

Released: Nov 13, 2019

Actualizaciones en 2019 v3


Wijmo Supports Angular 9 and the Ivy Compiler

  • Adds support for Angular 9 and the Ivy Compiler - start building even faster enterprise applications with the Ivy Compiler.

FlexGrid Enhancements

  • Adds FlexGrid Cell Templates to React and Vue - Easily customize any cell in FlexGrid. Cell Templates allow for limitless templates with declarative markup and binding expressions in any cell of the grid.
  • Two-way Bindings in Wijmo Vue Components - simplifies the creation of input forms. Vue offers two different syntaxes for declaring two-way bindings, the v-model directive, and the sync binding modifier. Wijmo for Vue input components support both of them, so you can choose between them depending on your needs.
  • PureJS FlexGrid Cell Templates - GrapeCity added a new API to their pure JS FlexGrid. The Column class has a new cellTemplate property that allows custom rendering of data cells without using the formatItem event. Column.cellTemplates are much simpler than the Angular, React or Vue Cell Templates. They only allow for a template literal string to be declared. You can put HTML elements in it or even binding expressions that will be parsed by the glbz method and rendered in the cells.
  • FlexGrid Multi-Column Sort - Changed the allowSorting property to an enumeration with the following values:
    • AllowSorting.None: Users cannot sort the grid by clicking the column headers. This is the same as setting allowSorting to false in previous versions.
    • AllowSorting.SingleColumn: Users may sort the grid by a single column at a time. Clicking the column header sorts the column or flips the sort direction. Ctrl+Click removes the sort. This is the same as setting allowSorting to true in previous versions.
    • AllowSorting.MultiColumn: Users may sort the grid by multiple columns at a time. Clicking the column header sorts the column or flips the sort direction. Ctrl+Click removes the sort for that column. Ctrl+Shift+Click removes all sorts. When sorting on multiple columns, the grid shows the sort order in the column headers, next to the sort direction glyph.
  • FlexGrid Pinned Columns - The FlexGrid always supported freezing rows and columns through code but did not expose a UI for controlling this feature. This release adds the allowPinning property that adds pin glyphs to the column headers (clicking the pin freezes or un-freezes the column).
  • FlexGrid Full-text Search - The FlexGrid has always supported column-based, Excel-style filtering using the FlexGridFilter component. This release adds a new wijmo.grid.search module with aFlexGridSearch control that provides a full-text search/filter interface. As users type into the FlexGridSearch control, it filters the items based on the search text and automatically highlights the matches.
  • TransposedGrid - In regular grids, each item is represented by a row with columns that represent the item properties. In transposed grids, each item is represented by a column with rows that represent the item properties. GrapeCity have added a new wijmo.grid.transposed module with a TransposedGrid control where data items are shown as columns and their properties as rows. Customers have used FlexGrid's API to create similar views, but the new TransposedGrid control makes it even easier.
  • Saving CSV Files - Two new features have been added to make saving as CSV files even easier and more powerful:
    • Added a saveFile method to Wijmo core so you can easily save text files without having to copy the same boilerplate code over and over.
    • The grid's getClipString method now has an options parameter that allows you to specify exactly how you want the clip string to be generated. The options available are listed below:
    • ClipStringOptions.Default: Use default options (tabs as cell separators, formatted/visible/unquoted cells). This is the format used internally when copying/pasting to the clipboard.
    • ClipStringOptions.CSV: Use commas as cell separators (CSV format). This is the default format used for exporting CSV files.
    • ClipStringOptions.QuoteAll: Quote all cells. Instead of adding quotes only to cells that contain commas and quotes, wrap all cells in quotes. This makes the output file a little easier to parse.
    • ClipStringOptions.SkipMerged: Skip cells that have been merged over (like Excel). This makes the output file a little easier to read in some cases.
    • ClipStringOptions.Unformatted: Export unformatted values. This format retains the full precision of numeric values, as opposed to saving only the formatted values.
    • ClipStringOptions.InvisibleRows: Include invisible and collapsed rows in the output. By default, invisible and collapsed rows are not included.
    • ClipStringOptions.InvisibleColumns: Include invisible columns in the output. By default, invisible columns are not included.
    • ClipStringOptions.InvisibleCells: Include invisible rows and columns in the output.
  • Other FlexGrid Enhancements:
    • Collapsible Column Groups: Added the ability to create collapsible column groups declaratively. This is done by setting the columns property (or the columnGroups property) to an array containing column definitions where the definitions contain a 'columns' collection of child columns.
    • Added a defaultTypeWidth static property that allows specifying the default width for auto-generated grid columns based on their data types.
    • Improved Clipboard Support: Added a copyHeaders property that allows you to specify whether the grid should include row and/or column headers when copying data to the clipboard.
    • RowDetail Frozen Cell Support: Allow detail cells to span across frozen boundaries

MultiRow Enhancements

  • MultiRow Aggregated Groups: Added a multiRowGroupHeaders property that allows headers with multiple header rows (especially useful for displaying aggregates)
  • MultiRow Column Header Layouts: Added a headerLayoutDefinition property that allows you to define custom layouts for the column headers

FlexChart Enhancements

  • StepLine Chart - most commonly used to visualize change at specific points in time. They are useful for seeing the size of the change in value as well as patterns in change over time. GrapeCity recently added new Step, StepSymbols and StepArea chart types to the FlexChart control.

CollectionView Filters

  • Added a filters property that contains an array of filter functions. This allows you to chain filters with multiple, independent filter functions.

Improved Typings

  • GrapeCity have made some big improvements to their type information in Wijmo. These changes will make Wijmo easier to use and it will help you find bugs in your code much more easily.

Other Enhancements

  • Added type information to several callbacks and properties that used to be of type 'any'.
  • Added generic types to the sender and arguments of the Event class.
  • Added a generic type to the CollectionView and ObservableArray classes.
  • The additional type information provides improved compile-time error-checking and IntelliSense,so you can write better code faster.


  • [FlexChart] Fixed issue with incorrect label position for data points with zero value. (TFS 397617).
  • [FlexChart] Fixed issue with incorrect gradient colors when URL contains ending slash. (TFS 397809).
  • [FlexChart] Improved background handling when exporting chart to png/jpg. (TFS 364426).
  • [FlexChart] Fixed issue with intermediate total labels of Waterfall chart. (TFS 400091).
  • [FlexChart] The chart tooltip works correctly when mouse pointer is over the tooltip. (TFS 402702).
  • [FlexChart] Improved calculation of automatic axis limits for bubble chart. (TFS 336715).
  • [FlexChart] X-axis limits can be set for Stacked 100% chart. (TFS 402952).
  • [FlexChart] Fixed issue with incorrect tooltips for multiple pie charts. (TFS 400338).
  • [FlexChart] Fixed error when rendering funnel chart with data source that has null values. (TFS 385211).
  • [JP][FlexGrid][Pdf] Unable to export to PDF when column width is smaller than 7. (TFS 398564).
  • [FlexSheet][Chrome] Page is scrolled on clicking FlexSheet that is partially seen in the view. (TFS 398682).
  • [FlexGrid] [PdfExport] The FlexGrid resizes on the DOM after exporting to PDF. (TFS 396132).
  • [FlexSheet] Column header of data mapped cells change to auto generated column header when converting to table. (TFS 400219).
  • [FlexSheet] Column header can be cut and script error occurs when pasting null value at second time. (TFS 400190).
  • [FlexSheet] Script error occurs when deleting group data rows in certain scenario. (TFS 399570).
  • [FlexSheet] Sort indicator disappeared after navigating to another sheet. (TFS 399979).
  • [FlexSheet] Script error occurs after insert or delete a row when add bound sheet and use 'initialize' method to set 'itemsSource' property. (TFS 398847).
  • [FlexSheet] Filtering cannot be cleared after filtered by the formula value. (TFS 396572).
  • [Angular/MultiSelect] Fixed problem with the checkedItems property 'required' validation in forms. (TFS 402058).
  • [FlexSheet] Improper table header value shown after converting a cell range including sheet column header to table. (TFS 395550).
  • [FlexSheet][Filter]All values are not shown in filter by value if some values are merged. (TFS 392169).
  • [FlexSheet] Column-header row of bound sheet does not show after delete all rows, undo and redo the action. (TFS 402054).
  • [FlexGrid] [PDF] Some of the checkboxes of boolean column are not rendered in PDF. (TFS 401965).
  • [FlexSheet][Chrome] New sheet cannot add at first time when 'stickyHeaders' is set as 'true'. (TFS 396185).
  • [FlexSheet] Performance issue due to custom function. (TFS 352914).
  • [Angular/WjTooltip] The wjTooltip property alway returns an undefined value.
  • [FlexSheet] Column cannot resize immediately and selection does not show correctly when resizing a column from new sheet. (TFS 403862).
  • [FlexSheet] Filter editor cannot open and script error occurs when opening filter editor of newly added sheet. (TFS 403839).
  • [FlexSheet][Benchmark sample] Unlike previous build, loading data takes very long time and browser is not responding when data size is more than 500. (TFS 261309).
  • [FlexSheet] Rows cannot be deleted properly when setting 'allowAddNew' property as 'true'. (TFS 403947).
  • [FlexSheet] 'Insert Row', 'Delete Rows' and 'Convert To Table' context menu items do not work in Bound sheet. (TFS 404836).