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  1. $$$$$ | Compra

    Compatibilidad: Supports .NET Java C++ Android SharePoint Reporting Services JasperReports Node.js PHP Python ... Leer más

  2. Descripción: Software factory that helps you build and evolve your application. CodeFluent Entities is a Visual Studio 2008/2010/2011 integrated environment that helps you master present and future Microsoft .NET development technologies. It is a full model-first tool ... Leer más

  3. ExportZen Archivado

    Marca: ROXORITY
    Categoría principal: Add-ins para otras autorías

    Descripción: Export SharePoint List Data to CSV/Excel. Export SharePoint Lists to any CSV/Excel format. ExportZen is customizable, workflow-ready, can be scheduled and is batch-capable, respecting Views and filters. Comma-Separated Values (CSV) is a widespread, cross ... Leer más

  4. Descripción: Rediscover the power of SharePoint filtering. FilterZen allows you to instantly apply better search and information drill-down to any content, List, Library or Web Part, using specialized, intelligent filters (background or interactive). With FilterZen ... Leer más