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  1. Descripción: Create robust applications that emulate the look-and-feel of Microsoft Office 2000. UltraToolBars includes eleven interface-enhancing controls for creating customizable toolbars, including: personalized menus, flyout toolbars, integrated tab control, and ... Leer más

  2. Descripción: Ribbon, toolbars, menus, docking and MDI. XtraBars is comprehensive set of Office and Visual Studio inspired WinForms Controls in an integrated package. It delivers elegant business solutions that fully mimic the UI experience found in today's most ... Leer más

  3. 1323. XtraGrid .NET Suite i

    Marca: DevExpress
    Categoría principal: Componentes de rejillas

    Descripción: Present your data, your way. XtraGrid (Xtra Grid) includes patent-pending server side data processing and is a feature-complete editing and data shaping component allowing your end-users to easily manage information and display it on-screen. Whether using ... Leer más

  4. 1324. XtraLayoutControl Suite i

    Marca: DevExpress
    Categoría principal: Componentes de formularios

    Descripción: Form design, layout and customization library. XtraLayout helps you use straightforward drag and drop operations to quickly create fully customizable forms that meet and exceed the requirements of your users. From automatic arrangement of presentation ... Leer más

  5. Descripción: Build your own Outlook style UI in ASP.NET. Janus Web GridEX supports flat, hierarchical and self-referencing data displays enabling you to create effective Outlook style web user interfaces while easing both development and maintenance time. Display, ... Leer más