Neos Eureka Testimonials

For me and my company, EurekaLog is such a vital component in the solution I provide, that I just won't ship software without it. EurekaLog improved the reliability of our software by revealing bugs I just could not hit in my test environment. It's just like Poor man's Dr. Watson (MS error reporter).

Erez Amir, Senior Engineer,

Testimonios de Clientes EurekaLog

We purchased Eurekalog to find one strange bug in our application. The same day we installed Eurekalog it solved two problems we didn't know about. The error we originally were looking for was also discovered.

Brian Andersen, Developer, Dansk Catering Center.

EurekaLog is a great tool, that helps to localize the places in the sourcecode where the exceptions happen. Delivering the exact line number and unit, EurekaLog speeds up the process of bug-locating and bug-resolving by a factor of 10.

Jürgen Füßl, Senior Software Engineer, ATOSS Software AG.