Nevron Testimonios sobre

Simply put, Nevron's products are great, and the support is awesome.

Mike Walsh, Envision Sustainability Tools Inc.

I spent some time evaluating Nevron Chart for .NET Annotations / Anchors over the weekend. All I can say is, "Wow!".

Brian W. Allan, President, ABKA Enterprises Inc.

A company that makes and concentrates on a few good products, rather than tens of mediocre ones.

Miles Dennis, CACI Ltd

As a developer I especially appreciated the excellent demonstration program (regarding Nevron Diagram for .NET).

Rich Harrigan, Software Engineer, NCR Corporation

Testimonios de Clientes Nevron Chart for .NET

Nevron charting components superseded rival products in terms of features,agile performance and dedicated technical support.

Bob O'Neil, RoboComAI, LLC

Nevron Chart offers clearly the best performance for high volume data visualization.

Joern Kunze, Dipl.-Ing., Advanced Data Processing GmbH

I initially chose to work with Nevron Chart for .NET for my project because of its ability to read very large data sets!

Arthur Weightman, Consultant

Testimonios de Clientes Nevron Diagram for .NET

Nevron diagram serves as an essential component to our product, allowing us to create a fresh and intuitive user experience.

Philip Child, Services Manager, Keynetix Ltd

From the programmer's perspective... the Diagram is very well structured and object oriented.

Ioan-Cristinel, Istrate Software Engineer, TBS Holding AG

The Diagramming component worked so well that later we had no trouble deciding to use the Nevron User Interface controls!

Brian Warren, MKS, Ion Systems

Testimonios de Clientes Nevron User Interface Suite for .NET

Our programmers appreciate working with Nevron controls because of their reliability, powerful API, and the stellar support.

Brian Warren, WebCharacter Design

Excellent color, docking and command bar features and a real try-before-you-buy policy.

Joseph Sweeney, Tytags Australia Pty. Ltd.

Testimonios de Clientes Nevron Vision for .NET

We have been using Nevron Data Visualization controls for two years now and would highly recommend them to other developers.

Jean Junker, CDP, Syntergy Systems

Nevron Vision enables us to focus on what we do best – Data Analytics – while maintaining a professional user experience.

Jeff McMahon, Developer, Pattern Discovery Technologies

This is an amazing package, the rendering quality & the number of chart types places Nevron far above all the other companies.

David Huxtable, ORELOGY