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Resalte las tendencias en los datos de una cuadrícula con minigráficos

Febrero 26, 2024
jQWidgets v19 le permite integrar minigráficos en sus cuadrículas, lo que proporciona una forma rápida y detallada de visualizar tendencias y patrones en sus datos.

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jQWidgets is a comprehensive JavaScript UI framework offering a robust collection of over 60 widgets, themes, and utilities for building professional-grade, cross-platform web applications. Built on jQuery, HTML5, and CSS, it provides extensive functionality including data grids, charts, navigation, input validation, and more. jQWidgets simplifies web development, ensuring your applications work seamlessly across desktop browsers, tablets, and smartphones.

The jQWidgets v19 release introduces support for integrating sparklines directly into jqxGrid. These miniature charts, plotted directly within grid cells, provide a quick and insightful way to visualize trends and patterns in your data without requiring additional charting libraries. This enhancement significantly bolsters jqxGrid's data visualization capabilities, allowing you to create more informative and engaging data presentations.

To see a full list of what's new in v19.0.0, see our release notes.

jQWidgets is licensed per developer and is available as a Perpetual license 1 year support and maintenance. See our jQWidgets licensing page for full details.

Learn more on our jQWidgets product page.

Mejore la accesibilidad de los documentos en sus aplicaciones Node.js

Febrero 23, 2024
GroupDocs.Conversion for Node.js via Java V24.2 ahora puede convertir archivos DOCX etiquetados en PDF etiquetados, lo que garantiza la integridad de la información en todos los formatos.

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GroupDocs.Conversion for Node.js via Java is a powerful document conversion API designed to seamlessly integrate with your JavaScript applications. It empowers you to effortlessly convert between over 50 document and image formats, including popular Microsoft Office and OpenDocument files, PDFs, and various image types. This Java-based solution eliminates the need for third-party tools, offering a convenient and efficient way to handle document conversions directly within your Node.js projects.

The GroupDocs.Conversion for Node.js via Java V24.2 release adds the ability to convert tagged DOCX files to tagged PDF. This feature ensures the accurate transfer of semantic structure, including headings, paragraphs, tables, and other essential elements, from DOCX to PDF. This empowers users with disabilities to leverage screen readers and other assistive technologies effectively, promotes content clarity and comprehension, and safeguards crucial information during format changes, making your documents accessible.

To see a full list of what's new in V24.2, see our release notes.

GroupDocs.Conversion for Node.js via Java is offered as Developer Small Business, Developer OEM, Site Small Business and Site OEM licenses catering to a range of business needs. Licenses are perpetual, and include 1 year of support and maintenance. Subscription renewals are also available. See our GroupDocs.Conversion for Node.js via Java licensing page for full details.

GroupDocs.Conversion for Node.js via Java is available in the following products:

Añada gráficos detallados a su aplicación web

Febrero 23, 2024
Los gráficos detallados de JavaScript permiten a los usuarios navegar fácilmente por varias capas de datos y concentrarse en puntos de datos específicos.

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ActiveReportsJS is a reporting tool for web applications that allows developers and report authors to easily design and display reports within their applications. With a wide range of features, such as drill-down, runtime data filtering, and parameter-driven reports, as well as compatibility with popular frameworks, ActiveReportsJS simplifies the process of creating and managing reports.

In this blog post, MESCIUS Technical Engagement Engineer Joel Parks shows you how to utilize ActiveReportsJS to incoporate charts into your JavaScript report, and bind your chart data together through the use of parameterized drill-through navigation, allowing your users to easily traverse between them. Steps include:

  • Creating a report and binding a data source
  • Adding subreport parameters
  • Building line and stacked column charts
  • Setup drill-through navigation between reports
  • Loading the report into a JavaScript application

Read the complete blog now, and start adding drill-through chart functionality to your JavaScript report using ActiveReportsJS.

ActiveReportsJS is licensed on an annual subscription or perpetual basis and is available as a Single Deployment License for non-commercial use, and as a Single Domain License or Unlimited Domain License for commercial and/or SaaS use. See our ActiveReportsJS licensing page for full details.

For more information, visit our ActiveReportsJS product page.

Resalte tendencias con minigráficos de hojas de cálculo de React

Febrero 22, 2024
Inserte gráficos compactos dentro de las celdas de las hojas de cálculo para resaltar visualmente la información esencial y simplificar la interpretación de los datos.

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Sparklines are miniature charts embedded within the cells of a spreadsheet. Their compact size allows for dense visualizations, revealing trends and patterns in large datasets without sacrificing valuable screen space. Placed directly beside their corresponding data, they facilitate immediate comparisons and insights, enhancing understanding and communication. Their flexible nature allows for diverse chart types, from lines highlighting trends to columns showcasing comparisons, making them adaptable to various data presentations.

Here are some React spreadsheet controls that offer sparkline functionality:

  • SpreadJS by MESCIUS is a powerful JavaScript spreadsheet solution, with full support for React, offering dynamic sparkline charts for visualizing trends and data patterns efficiently.
  • Jspreadsheet Pro is an advanced data grid solution that offers sparkline charts to gain instant insights from trends, exceptions, and comparisons for concise data visualization.
  • Infragistics Spreadsheet React (part of Infragistics Ignite UI) allows you to render line, area, column, and winloss sparklines within cells, enhancing data analysis capabilities.

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Implemente clasificación del lado del servidor para cuadrículas Angular

Febrero 21, 2024
Aproveche el potencial de las cuadrículas Angular con clasificación eficiente del lado del servidor, optimizando el rendimiento y la escalabilidad para un manejo de datos sin problemas.

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Offloading sorting tasks to a server (known as remote server sorting or server-side sorting) enables large datasets to be handled efficiently without overwhelming the client. This minimizes data transmission and leads to snappier web applications. Moreover, server-side sorting boosts scalability by ensuring processing happens on the server, freeing up client resources. This translates to faster response times, especially for large datasets, making the user experience smoother. This approach empowers developers to build responsive and scalable web applications that excel at managing and presenting sorted data.

Several Angular grid controls offer sorting on the remote server, including:

  • Wijmo FlexGrid (part of Wijmo by MESCIUS) offers remote server sorting capabilities, enhancing grid responsiveness by delegating sorting tasks to the server side.
  • DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript Data Grid (part of DevExtreme Complete by DevExpress) offers remote server sorting, boosting performance by offloading sorting to the server.
  • jQWidgets Grid (part of jQWidgets) optimizes data grid sorting with remote server support, ensuring efficient processing and enhancing overall performance in Web applications.
  • Ignite UI Angular Grid (part of Infragistics Ignite UI) streamlines grid sorting with remote server support, providing efficient processing for improved performance and scalability.
  • ZingGrid enhances user experience with remote sorting, allowing developers to implement efficient server-side sorting for improved performance in grid-based data presentations.

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