LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro SDK V20 (versión de marzo de 2019)

Amplía la compatibilidad con formatos de documentos de Microsoft Office en Linux y MacOS.
March 13, 2019 - 14:45
Nueva versión


  • Document SDK
    • Expanded Document Formats in Linux and MacOS
      LEAD has expanded its support of Microsoft Office formats with Linux and MacOS native libraries. Also, LEADTOOLS is now leveraging the WebKit browser engine to handle HTML files on Linux and MacOS systems to ensure the resulting output is exactly what the user expects.
  • Xamarin
    • Xamarin Camera Control
      Developers writing cross-platform mobile applications now have the LEADTOOLS Xamarin Camera Control in their arsenal. This Xamarin.Forms control is intended to be used specifically for Xamarin.Forms applications. Utilizing the camera is one of the biggest headaches in Xamarin app development, requiring writing of complex native code for Android and iOS. With just one line of code to add the control, developers can quickly get started with a basic camera and preview. LEAD’s camera control supports image capture, video recording, flash, torch, and focus control. Developers can also tap into the live camera feed to add custom image processing or LEADTOOLS features, including OCR, barcode recognition, and image processing filters.
    • Xamarin Image Viewer
      LEAD has updated its LEADTOOLS Xamarin libraries to include an image viewer control to view more than 150 different file formats, including multipage functionality. The new image viewer control provides touchscreen-optimized interactive modes, navigation tools, and full LEADTOOLS Annotation support.


Incluye DLL de C para generación de imagen, bibliotecas de clases de C++, bibliotecas de clases de .NET, WPF/XAML y COM para Win32 y x64.

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