LEADTOOLS Document Imaging includes API, C++ Class Libraries and .NET Class Libraries for Win32 and x64 with features that include comprehensive annotations (Text, highlights, sticky notes, stamps, and more), specialized bitonal image display and processing such as scale-to-gray and favor-black. Also features performance and memory optimizations for bitonal images, document image clean-up including hole-punch, line and staple removal and scanning with TWAIN or ISIS. Now includes JBIG2, ABIC, JPEG2000 and LEAD CMW.

LEADTOOLS gave us the possibility to develop the outstanding imaging application with minimum time.

Dmitry Smirnov, Samsung Research Center

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging includes everything in Imaging Pro and adds Document Imaging functionality: Annotations, bitonal document clean-up, image processing, bitonal display filters and enhanced performance, Mixed Raster Content and JBIG, JBIG2 and ABIC compression, and high-speed twain scanning. Add on comprehensive OCR support.

Develop powerful document imaging applications with LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK. Features include comprehensive annotations (Text, highlights, sticky notes...

Últimas novedades

LEADTOOLS Document SDK v22
LEADTOOLS Document SDK v22
Agrega compatibilidad con formatos de Office protegidos con contraseña.
LEADTOOLS Document SDK v21
LEADTOOLS Document SDK v21
Añade un nuevo componente Document Viewer para Xamarin Forms.
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK V20 (versión de marzo de 2019)
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK V20 (versión de marzo de 2019)
Los visores de documentos de .NET y HTML5/JavaScript ahora admiten la censura de documentos aptos para búsquedas.
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK V20 (versión de junio de 2018)
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK V20 (versión de junio de 2018)
Nuevo motor RTF multi-plataforma que mejora la representación y la velocidad.
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK V20
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK V20
Agrega nuevas plataformas de desarrollo para ampliar la compatibilidad con .NET Standard, .NET Core y Xamarin.
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK v19 (March 2017 Release)
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK v19 (March 2017 Release)
Ofrece un visor de documentos más rápido y con más funciones, además de compatibilidad con Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

Precios desde: $ 1,711.57

LEADTOOLS Licensing: Product Configurations LEADTOOLS SDKs include stand alone SDKs and Add On Modules and Plug Ins. You must own a license to a standalone SDK to be eligible to purchase a license to...

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Plataformas e interfaces de programación
  • C API de Windows - Java y C / C ++
  • .RED
    • C #, Visual Basic, C ++ / CLI, XAML
    • Windows Forms, WPF, Web Forms
  • WinRT - C #, Visual Basic, C ++ / CX, JavaScript
  • HTML5 / JavaScript
  • Servicios Web - JSON, WebAPI, SOAP, REST
  • iOS y macOS - Objective-C, Swift, C / C ++
  • Android - Java y C / C ++
  • Linux - Java y C / C ++

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