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LEADTOOLS Document SDK facilita que la tecnología y las aplicaciones sean accesibles para un público más amplio.
Julio 7, 2023
Alerta de noticia

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging includes API, C++ Class Libraries and .NET Class Libraries for Win32 and x64 with features that include comprehensive annotations (Text, highlights, sticky notes, stamps, and more), specialized bitonal image display and processing such as scale-to-gray and favor-black. It also includes the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer - a document-viewing solution with support for over 165 format types and robust features.

In this blog post, LEADTOOLS' Ryan Fritz shows you how this Document Viewer can utilize ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) attributes to make applications more accessible for anyone with vision impairment. The steps involved include:

  • Ensuring that the screen reader recognizes when something is updated on the screen
  • Utilizing Invisible Divs - which house the aria-live tag so the screen reader know which parts to read
  • Dealing with tabbed menu items
  • Much more!

The blog includes demo code. Read it now to get started making accessible applications!



Incorpore en sus aplicaciones generación de imagen de documentos profesional.

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