Sencha Ext JS 7.2

Mejora la componentes Grid, Pivot Grid y Locked Grid.
Mayo 21, 2020 - 11:02
Nueva versión


  • Improvements to ExtGen (Open Tooling).
  • Improvements to Grid, Pivot Grid, and Locked Grid components:
    • Grouping Grid.
    • Cell editor.
    • Grid view.
    • Grid Drag and Drop.
    • Stateful Grid.
    • Summary section.
    • Tagfield in grid editors.
    • Component and field improvements include:
      • General field.
      • Tag field.
      • Date field.
      • Data binding.
      • Combobox field improvements.
      • Stateful.
      • And more…
  • Other noteworthy improvements include:
    • Window improvements.
    • Router improvements.
    • Improvements to Sencha Architect and Sencha Cmd.
    • Added a significant number of fiddle examples for ease of use.
  • ExtReact, ExAngular and ExtWebComponents have also inherited the improvements brought to Ext JS by 7.2.
    • Significant improvements to the web components runtime.
    • Improvements with the Sencha Webpack plugin.
    • Added JSX renderers to ExtReact for the ExtGrid.
    • Improved ExtReact template for instant creation.
    • Improved the ease of use with EWC one file configuration without Webpack.
    • Many fiddle examples to help you develop faster.
  • New component examples.
  • New web components examples.
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