HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint v16.9

Añade nueva configuración para la vista de panel.
Enero 06, 2021 - 11:20
Nueva versión


  • Added "Dashboard view" settings with 3 options:
    • Highlight the overdue tickets - shows a progress bar to the grid under "Due Date". Turning red when a Due Date is close.
    • Show priority as text - shows the priority in a grid under the icon as text.
    • Column resize mode - changes the column width mode.
  • Added "Notifications for hidden columns".
  • Added "Configure cleanup of workflow history" in settings - added a "workflowhistory" (OFF by default) and "HHDSessions" (always ON) clean-up job.
  • Added "Request Templates" in settings - The technician can select a template from the drop-down during ticket creation. Added a "TemplateId" option for the webpart.
  • Each technician can now edit their personal drop-down list of "Requests" ("Manage Requests" button in the ribbon).
  • Added MobileDashboard available for both users and technicians.
  • Added link to a ticket grid in Reports Designer.
  • Added two checkboxes for turning off group notifications for "assign" and "user resolution" events.
  • Added "Manage Signatures" option in settings.
  • Added restriction for creating duplicate tickets.
  • Products can now be combined in categories. Categories can be set in Product's properties allowing filtration by category.
  • Added a checkbox to show/hide description in the category/product form.
  • Added Ticket re-opening option.
  • Added category change control for "Is Resolution".
  • If email comes to a closed ticket, the new ticket now opens with the current ID in the "PreviousTicketId".
  • Added collapsing/contraction of the reply in the client’s webpart.
  • Ticket escalation in non-business hours.
  • A signature field has been added in the mobile version.
  • Hidden comments in PDF. Tickets with hidden comments can be exported to PDF.
  • Subscriptions have been added for the new reports (similar to the older reports).
HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint

HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint

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