Actipro Gauge for WPF

Actipro Gauge for WPF includes a complete set of circular, linear, and digital gauge controls, along with LED lights and toggle switches. It allows you to visually render multiple data points in a compact area that is quickly recognized and understood by users. All gauge appearances can be customized using an enormous number of pre-built or custom options.

Actipro Gauge for WPF Features

  • Circular and Linear Gauges - Circular and linear gauges can recreate everything from speedometers to thermometers and rolling scales.
  • Scales and Ticks - Multiple scales can be added to each gauge, which determines the overall placement of elements like tick marks and pointers. Labels and major/minor tick marks can be added anywhere along a scale.
  • Ranges - Ranges use color bands to highlight areas of interest in a gauge. The start and end values and thickness can be...

Últimas novedades

Actipro Gauge for WPF 23.1.3
Actipro Gauge for WPF 23.1.3
September 12, 2023Nueva versión
Mejora la interacción del usuario con medidores.
Actipro WPF Studio 22.1.5
Actipro WPF Studio 22.1.5
April 6, 2023Nueva versión
Agrega compatibilidad con .NET 7 y mejora los controles Docking, Grids y Ribbon.
Actipro Gauge for WPF 22.1.1
Actipro Gauge for WPF 22.1.1
March 16, 2022Nueva versión
Mejora la compatibilidad con el diseñador de Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.
Actipro Gauge for WPF 22.1.0
Actipro Gauge for WPF 22.1.0
December 17, 2021Nueva versión
Agrega compatibilidad con Microsoft .NET 6.
Actipro Gauge for WPF 2020.1
Actipro Gauge for WPF 2020.1
October 6, 2020Nueva versión
Añade ensamblados de .NET Core y paquetes NuGet.
Actipro Gauge for WPF 2018.1 build 0674
Actipro Gauge for WPF 2018.1 build 0674
December 14, 2018Nueva versión
Actualiza los medidores digitales segmentados para admitir los caracteres de comillas simples y dobles.

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