Actipro Views for Silverlight

Actipro Views for Silverlight offers custom controls and a range of panels that support fluid animations. Several built-in animations are included, which can be easily customized, or you can build your own using native animations. Drop-in replacements are available for several native panels, including Canvas, DockPanel, StackPanel and WrapPanel. Other controls are also included such as a TaskBoard for visually organizing tasks, Book for presenting a page turning interface and InertiaScrollViewer for a smoothly animated variation of the ScrollViewer control.

Features at a Glance


  • The Book control presents items like pages with realistic animated page curl and turn effects.
  • A ScrollViewer that supports touch gestures and inertia-based scrolling.
  • TaskBoard provides a board of reorderable columns and cards.


  • The FanPanel control supports z-index positioning with several eye-catching options.
  • The ZapPanel control stacks elements horizontally or vertically around a focal item.
  • The SwitchPanel can dynamically change layout logic during...

Últimas novedades

Actipro Views for Silverlight 2018.1 build 0231
Actipro Views for Silverlight 2018.1 build 0231
Añade eventos que se desencadenan al arrastrar columnas y tarjetas, lo que permite bloquear mediante programación ciertos destinos.
Actipro Views for Silverlight 2017.1 build 0210
Actipro Views for Silverlight 2017.1 build 0210
Varios paneles relacionados con TaskBoard ahora tienen propiedades de orientación ajustables.
Actipro Views for Silverlight 2016.1 build 0202
Actipro Views for Silverlight 2016.1 build 0202
Se ha corregido un error en los paneles animados.
Actipro Views for Silverlight released
Actipro Views for Silverlight released
A set of Silverlight controls and advanced panels that support fluid animated item layout.

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