Acerca de ActiveReportsJS

Solución de informes de JavaScript para aplicaciones web.

ActiveReportsJS is a reporting solution for visualizing data in front-end applications. Customize report layouts and integrate the report designer and viewer components into web applications to preview, export, or print reports on any platform.

ActiveReportsJS Features

  • Design reports with the cross-platform standalone designer app.
  • Create responsive, mobile-friendly reporting applications.
  • Built-in support for Angular, React, and Vue.
  • Enable reporting on the client without server dependencies.
  • Build interactive, customizable reports with a multi-platform standalone designer application with cross-platform tools.
  • Bind a report to the REST API, OData, or GraphQL endpoint in no time with the advanced data binding capabilities with powerful data binding.
  • Personalize reporting with the use of the Report Designer component.
  • JavaScript Reporting Engine - Leverage the powerful reporting engine to load and generate your reports in JavaScript on any device.
  • Multiple Report Types - Choose from layout-driven page reports or data-driven RDL reports creating a full-featured report library.
  • No External Dependencies - Written in TypeScript. Execute in any web application. Customizable and easy to use in VSCode.
  • Client-Side Exporting and Printing - Quickly generate WYSIWYG reports and export them to PDF, HTML or Excel on the client-side. Allow your end-users to print pixel-perfect JavaScript reports.
  • Reporting for any JS Framework - Use ActiveReportsJS with any popular JavaScript framework including Angular, React, and Vue.
  • Design Interactive JS Reports - Use the drill-down, drill-through, interactive sorting, and bookmark functions to provide interactivity and more specific information for end-users.
  • Barcodes - Save time using the built-in barcodes and increase productivity and efficiency. No need to integrate your own barcode library.
    • 30+ barcode symbologies supported
    • Configure barcode size, style, color, text.
  • Data Visualization - Create highly functional, interactive JavaScript reports in your web applications from multiple JSON data sources. Give more insight into your data with tables, lists, and charts.
    • Use data-bound report items
    • Summarize your data with charts and sparklines
    • Provide a detailed view with drill-down and drill-through capabilities
  • Sparklines - Sparklines are great for quick analysis of recent data and to display trends. Integrate sparklines in JavaScript data visualization components.
    • Identify trends and give more meaning to raw data
    • Choose from different types: Line, Area, Column, Whiskers, and Stackedbar
  • Tablix - The Tablix control provides a tabular layout with advanced features which allows analysis on multiple dimensions.
    • Group data by rows and columns
    • Summarize categorized data
    • Create flexible layouts
  • Subreports - Combine multiple reports, with different data sources, in a single file. Filter data by passing parameters from the main report to subreport.
    • Reuse the same JavaScript report in multiple reports
    • Changes to Subreport automatically carry over
    • Display multiple reports with a single JavaScript report
  • Stand-Alone Designer Application - Build interactive, customizable reports with a multi-platform standalone designer application.
    • Install on any OS - The designer can be installed on Windows, Mac, or Linux Operating Systems, enabling developers to design reports on any platform.
    • Functional JS Reporting - Create complex reports using the intuitive drag-and-drop GUI. Visualize your data with report controls like tables and charts.
    • Convert to JS Reports - Open traditional RDLX reports in the designer and save them as RDLX-JSON.