Acerca de AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons)

Añada funcionalidad de formato adicional a AH Formatter.

AH Formatter Options (Add-on) products give you access to a wide variety of formatting options such as SVG Output, PANTONE color conversion into RGB or CMYK automatically and MathML drawing (included in Standard) which allows you to draw high resolution images in PDF. The Web Service Interface is an option that lets a client computer send via SOAP an XML file and a stylesheet to an AH XSL Formatter Server License and receive back a PDF document. It also includes folder monitoring services and dynamic selection of the option setting file, enhanced logging and additional output options.

AH Formatter Add-on Options:

Web Interface for AH Formatter
Allows client machines to remotely access AH Formatter that is running on a server. Simplifies client access and reduces development time and effort.

SVG Output Option
Allows users to output their documents as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files. It can output SVG Tiny and Basic in the Mobile SVG Profiles defined by the SVG 1.1 specification.

Makes it possible to automatically convert more than 1000 PANTONE colors into RGB or CMYK values and to specify spot colors simply by using the name of the PANTONE colors in XSL-FO.

Barcode Generator
Provides the ability to embed barcodes directly in the document as images and is compatible with CSS and XSL-FO.

CGM Option
Adds more support for high quality graphics in AH Formatter by enabling drawing CGM images as vectors without the degradation caused by converting to bitmaps.

MathML Option
Provided for AH Formatter Lite only - the Standard version already supports this feature. It enables the option to draw Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) 3.0.

PostScript Output
Enables the output of PostScript files.

XPS Output Option
Enables the output of XPS (XML Paper Specification) files.