Acerca de Aspose.Email for Android via Java

Cree, lea y manipule archivos de Microsoft Outlook.

Aspose.Email for Android via Java allows you manage and manipulate email messages without getting lost in the complexities of Microsoft Outlook format implementation. The API has no dependencies other than the Android Runtime and it does not need any other APIs or software to work. Aspose.Email for Android via Java helps you create, read and manipulate Outlook MSG, PST, EML and MHT files from within Android applications. It provides the ability to manipulate message contents, headers, attachments and Mapi properties.

Supported File Formats


  • Microsoft Outlook: MSG, PST, OST
  • Email: EML

Advanced Android Email API Features

  • Import and export RFC822 compliant message format.
  • Read and manipulate different message types via product API.
  • Add, remove or extract attachments from email messages.
  • Manipulate embedded objects.
  • Calculate date and time occurrences for complex recurrence patterns.
  • Produce and consume recurrence patterns in the iCalendar (RFC 2445).
  • Customize email headers.
  • Load and parse emails in MSG, MHT and EML formats.
  • Extract messages from storage files.