BioPass ID Multibiometrics API

The BioPass ID Multibiometrics API Package brings together the most common functionalities for building applications with biometric authentication. Make biometrics applications easier and frictionless with Face Matching, Fingerprint Matching, Face Passive Liveness, Face Detection, Face Anonymization, WSQ Compression for Fingerprint, and Multibiometrics Cloud Database. Multibiometrics API is ideal for use in passwordless login, transaction authentication, multi-factor authentication, access control in the physical world, face anonymization for compliance, and password or registration recovery.

Multibiometrics API Package

  • Rest API - Available in the most popular architecture standard on the market.
  • Device Independent - Available anywhere, anytime and on any device or operating system. Only an internet connection is required.
  • Easy to Code - Quickly integrate high performance biometrics into your application.

Multibiometrics API Features

Face Matching 1:1
Face Matching API allows you to check the likelihood that two faces belong to the same person. You will get a confidence score and...

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Publicación de BioPass ID Multibiometrics API
Publicación de BioPass ID Multibiometrics API
July 7, 2023Nuevo producto
Agregue coincidencia facial, coincidencia de huellas dactilares, detección de rostros y otras identificaciones biométricas a sus aplicaciones.

Precios desde: $ 1,760.85

Licensed as a 1 Year Annual Subscription, you need to renew your subscription to continue to use the software. Available in different Plans to meet your usage requirements. Free, Mini, Start, Up...

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