ComponentOne Studio 2009 v3 released

Released: Nov 19, 2009

Updates in this release

Updates in 2009 v3

ComponentOne Studio for WinForms

  • New XmlEditor control and Report Scheduler empower end-users to edit Xhtml documents and assign tasks for scheduling reports.
  • Existing controls such as FlexGrid and PDF have several enhancements.

Componentone Studio for WPF

ComponentOne Studio for WPF suite expands to parallel ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight. New controls include:

  • Accordion
    Display lists of expandable items, organizing your UI and optimizing screen real-estate.
  • Book
    Present element objects as if they were pages in a real paper-back book.
  • Cube
    Animate and display element objects on the faces of a 3D cube, and then rotate the cube to show one element at a time.
  • ColorPicker
    Select colors from professionally-designed palettes or build your own custom colors Supports transparency.
  • DropDown
    Create custom drop-downs.
  • Expander
    Expand and contract content.
  • MediaPlayer
    A full featured media player out-of-the box. Run media, video or audio while displaying playlists or in full-screen mode.
  • PropertyGrid
    The familiar Visual Studio property grid is now in WPF and includes 10+ built-in editors.

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight

  • DataGrid now has universal selection (cell, cell-range, row, column, each single or multiple), support for clipboard, ability to export to Excel, and row freezing.
  • DataGrid can display aggregate functions in grouped/total rows.
  • New DockControl that allows you to handle multiple windows in your Silverlight application, as well as new Tab and Toolbar controls.
  • 4 ready-to-use Gauge styles (Region, Ruler, Speedometer, Volume) that save you from having to design the look of your gauge.
  • PDF export capability. This is huge since printing is not supported in Silverlight.
  • New Chart types: Polar and Step.
  • Clear Style technology that allows you to easily change control colors without having to change control templates (in this release: DataGrid, Gauges, and Scheduler).

ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET

  • Windows 7 themeing added!
  • New control, SuperPanel gives you custom scrolling bars (both horizontal and vertical), resizing, rounded corners, and shadows in your web page.
  • Change color and theme properties with Foxy for ASP.NET. The CSS style editor's DOM Inspector allows you to grab pieces of the control and modify it.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Improved spell-checking in Editor.
  • Best practices in CSS spriting used in all VisualStyles for optimized performance.
  • Added tristate-checkbox ability to TreeView.
  • Added ADO.NET Entity Framework support added to GridView.

ComponentOne Studio for iPhone

  • New control: C1ViewScroller is a navigation menu for jumping to specific points in a page. It adds usability to long lists and lengthy content.
  • Client-side enhancements to give more powerful JavaScript development capabilities.
  • Added Touch, Gesture, and Swipe event helpers for enabling these rich interactions in any iPhone web app.
  • Hardware acceleration added for animations and styles.

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