Acerca de ComponentOne Studio WPF

Más de 100 controles esenciales de interfaz de usuario de WPF.

ComponentOne WPF Edition is a collection of easy-to-use WPF components, including advanced grids, charts, reporting, and scheduling controls for .NET applications. ComponentOne WPF controls are built with XAML to promote collaboration in your team and fully compatible with the XBAP deployment capabilities of Windows Presentation Foundation. ComponentOne Platinum Support Subscriptions provides a full year of telephone and online technical support.

ComponentOne Studio for WPF is a complete set of enterprise quality components and offers everything from advanced data binding to rich data visualizations included in grid, scheduler, charts, reports, and many more to come.

ComponentOne WPF Main Features

Fast and Powerful .NET Data Grids
Industry-standard, lightning-fast FlexGrid and DataGrid components maximize customization in a .NET grid.

Flexible UI Controls for Complete WPF Apps
Reduce developer overhead with extensive built-in feature sets, including flexible data binding.

Fast and Extensible Charts
FlexChart includes 100+ chart types and a universal, easy-to-use API.

Touch Support for WPF Apps
Controls are touch-enabled and support in-app drag-and-drop.

Modern Microsoft Office Themes
20+ built-in professional themes including Office 2016, Expression Blend, and Modern UI), you can theme and customize your entire application.

Full Visual Studio and Windows 10 Support
Seamless Visual Studio 2019 integration and designed for the VS ecosystem. Support for Windows 10.

Lightning-Fast WPF DataGrids
Microsoft Excel inspires the FlexGrid selection experience. Users can select multiple cells across rows and columns, select multiple non-adjacent rows, select entire columns, or limit the selection to a single row or cell.

FlexReport, a WPF Reporting Engine
FlexReport's lightning-fast .NET reporting engine completes every enterprise UI toolbox. The standalone FlexReport Designer allows for easy migration and dynamic data visualization.

FlexViewer, a WPF Document Viewer
Load PDFs, SSRS reports, and FlexReport reports. Easily export your reports/documents to HTML, PDF, RTF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, Open XML Excel, and Open XML Word file format.

ComponentOne Studio for WPF Subscription Benefits

  • This subscription entitles you to minor and major updates of any of the products included in ComponentOne Studio for WPF as well as any new products added to the WPF suite during one year.
  • There are 3 releases per year, scheduled for the middle of the month in March, July and November each year.
  • ComponentOne Studio for WPF is also available as part of the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise.