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True DBGrid Pro

True DBGrid Pro allows end users to browse, edit, add, and delete data in a tabular format. True DBGrid Pro completely manages the database interface, allowing developers to concentrate on important application-specific tasks. True DBGrid Pro can also be used in unbound or storage mode with a programmer's own data source. True DBGrid Pro allows end-users to browse, edit, add, and delete data in a tabular format. True DBGrid includes dozens of advanced data access, data presentation, and UI features.

True DBGrid Pro Features

Additional 3D effects New 3D effects allow mouse-over elements to take on a 3D appearance.

Automatic column sizing The new SpringMode allows you to keep your data viewable by resizing columns proportionally whenever the grid is resized horizontally.

Multiple lines per record The cells in a single record can now span multiple lines, making all columns visible.

Alternating row formats Enhances the readability of the grid's display by applying different styles to even and...

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C1 products now available individually
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Mark5 estrella
Quite simply the best grid control available. I have used it for 4 years, and in this time I have never found anything (grid related at least) it can't do.

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vint.maggsGA, USA1 estrella
Just purchased ComponentOne True DBGrid Pro 8.0. I cannot recommend it. The documentation is poor and the examples are antiquated (based on VB6). The Help has not been updated to include newer... Leer más