Acerca de Total Visual Agent

Automatice y programe tareas repetitivas de Microsoft Access y Jet Engine Database.

Total Visual Agent is a Windows application that automates these chores on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You simply schedule the tasks and launch it. If a problem occurs, the system administrator is notified immediately by email. When using Access MDB databases, you must periodically compact, repair, back up, and monitor them to ensure optimal performance, recover unused disk space, and prevent data corruption.

What Total Visual Agent Does for You

Total Visual Agent lets you define and schedule these tasks:

  • Macro Scheduler: Launch Microsoft Access and run your macro which can do things like print reports, download data, export information, and run your custom code
  • Database compact and repair
  • Database copy and zip backups
  • Data extraction while users are in the database
  • Collect database statistics like record counts to monitor usage
  • Run any Windows command line

Define Your Own Schedules - Total Visual Agent lets you schedule and automatically perform these tasks multiple times per hour, once per hour, daily, weekly, monthly, or at a specific time in the future. Perform your daily chores in the middle of the night! You can even back up data while users are in the database (ideal for 24/7 environments) or execute your own custom code such as printing reports or data uploads and downloads.

Manage an Unlimited Number of Databases - Total Visual Agent manages an unlimited number of Microsoft Access/Jet Engine databases across your network. Install it on a PC that can see the databases you want to manage. It can even run as an NT Service to provide extra security and automatically restart if your PC goes down.

The administrative portion lets you specify what events you want to have:

  • Create hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or one time events
  • Set the start time
  • Specify an optional end time if you want to stop the tasks by a certain time. For instance, to make sure all the backups are done by 5 AM. If the deadline is hit, an email notifies you so you can adjust your tasks and events.

Define what you want to do:

  • Select a database and the tasks to perform on it
  • Specify a drive letter or directory and the tasks to perform on all the databases there (including sub-directories)
  • Create a task group (a set of tasks you want to perform) and assign the databases or directories you want the tasks applied. This makes it easy to change the set of tasks you want to apply against multiple databases.

When the time arrives, it performs its tasks, then goes back to "sleep" to await the next event.Total Visual Agent supports secured databases and lets you assign the security workgroups, user name, and passwords necessary to perform the tasks you need.

Audit Trail and Email Notification of Problems - Total Visual Agent offers a professional solution to ensure your Access/Jet databases perform optimally and are administered properly over time. A complete audit trail is maintained in a table for every task performed. If an error occurs, an email is automatically sent to alert the system administrator. System administrators will also appreciate the ability to specify a cut-off time for tasks be completed. This ensures that as your databases grow and your tasks require more time to complete, Total Visual Agent never interferes with your business needs and alerts you if it runs out of time to finish.

Runs as a Windows Service - Total Visual Agent can run as a standard Windows program and has a "hidden" Windows NT Service. The service runs even without a user logged on to the computer, providing increased security and automated restart if the machine crashes. Schedule the tasks you want, and let Total Visual Agent take care of it.

Database Maintenance - Whether your application is written in Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, C++, or Visual Studio .NET, if you rely on Microsoft Access/Jet Engine (*.MDB) databases, you need to periodically compact, repair, back up (copy or zip), and monitor them to achieve optimal performance, recover unused disk space, and prevent data corruption.