Highcharts Suite v9.3.x

Released: Oct 21, 2021

Actualizaciones en v9.3.x


Updated Feb 1, 2022


  • Fixes in Highcharts JS v9.3.3
    • Fixed keyboard focus management issues with fullscreen change.


Updated Nov 29, 2021


  • Added support for Trusted Types, a browser standard for preventing cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
  • Added fillColor option to create area fill between lines in multi-line indicators.


  • Fixes in Highcharts JS v9.3.2
    • Spacing was incorrect for legend items without a name.
    • Fixed issue with data module updates with firstRowAsNames enabled.
    • Fixed a regression causing updating of dataLabels.useHTML not to take effect.
    • Fixed Windows high contrast mode keyboard navigation issues.
  • Fixes in Highcharts Maps JS v9.3.2
    • tilemap.tileShape set to square threw an error into the console.
    • Fixed a regression causing arrow navigation in map-like series types not to work.


Updated Nov 5, 2021


  • Highcharts Maps JS
    • Added support for LambertConformalConic projection, commonly used in national maps.


  • Fixes in Highcharts Stock JS v9.3.0
    • Fixed performance regression in ordinal axis.
    • Fixed the VBP indicator which was not recalculated after adding the point.
    • Fixed incorrect Stock Tools button state after deselecting.
  • Fixes in Highcharts Maps JS v9.3.0
    • Fixed a regression in Highcharts Maps, geographic maps were not visible in exported images.
    • Fixed an issue where the solid-gauge module was generating error with Maps.
    • Fixed an issue where mappoint point didn't update its position when zooming.


Updated Oct 21, 2021


  • Added new offset options for nodes in Sankey and Organization charts - nodes.offsetHorizontal and nodes.offsetVertical.
  • Added new annotations.crop option which allows you to hide annotations outside the plot area.
  • Added the ability to remove accessibility information sections by setting section formats to null.
  • Added support for series.accessibility.point options matching the top level accessibility.point options.
  • Added support for pageUp/pageDown in legend keyboard navigation for scrolling between legend pages.
  • Improved series keyboard navigation which now supports End/Home/PgUp/PgDown keys.
  • Added new Ellipse annotation.
  • Added new Time Cycles annotation.
  • Added new Fibonacci Time Zones annotation.
  • Added new Cumulative Sum feature.
  • Added Disparity Index average parameter as a dropdown in the Stock Tools popup.
  • Added new HLC series type.
  • VBP indicator now follows the main series when the compare mode is on and compareToMain is false.
  • Removed requiredIndicators info and added EMA to the default indicators master.
  • Changed the default SMA index parameter from 0 (open) to 3 (close). This also has an impact on the other indicators where SMA is being used, namely MACD, Price Envelopes and the Linear regression family.
  • Renamed Arrow Infinity Line lang name from lang.arrowLine to lang.arrowInfinityLine.


  • Fixes in Highcharts JS v9.3.0
    • Fixed allowing Blob offline export in Firefox.
    • Fixed issue where pyramid shape was incorrect for inverted charts when yAxis.width set.
    • Ticks on the axis weren't displayed when their value was too high.
    • Border radius disappeared after hovering a point in heatmap.
    • Tooltip was mispositioned when yAxis was reversed.
    • Click event on point wasn't working on IE with color axis.
    • DOM order not following keyboardNavigation.order.
    • Adding image without optional parameters threw an error.
    • Disabled point markers sometimes appeared on redraw with accessibility module loaded.
    • The last row of items in a paginated legend was not fully visible in edge cases.
    • Fixed a regression causing shared tooltip not to show for some axes with multiple differently positioned axes.
    • Automatic minRange did not consider floor/ceiling.
    • The chart crashed when axis.tickInterval was negative.
    • pointStart and pointInterval did not work with turboed 2d array data.
    • Offline exporting hidden boosted series threw error 28.
    • Funnel data labels with rotation set showed console error.
  • Fixes in Highcharts Stock JS v9.3.0
    • The Stock Tools indicator popup had wrong series selected by default in some cases.
    • The annotation popup was hidden when dragging from input to outside popup.
    • The positions of annotations were not calculated properly on ordinal axes.
    • Grouped positions were not calculated correctly after clicking the range selector's All button multiple times.
    • A separate axis was not visible after adding the Chaikin oscillator through Stock Tools.
    • Ordinal axis and data grouping didn't work with the boost module.
    • The rectangle annotation added via Stock Tools was rendering without one side.
    • The navigator was shrinking after adding points when stuck to axis minimum.
    • Unable to add annotation through Stock Tools on a logarithmic axis.
    • Changed default SMA index parameter, added an index to Keltner channels indicator.
    • The popup of basic annotation shapes displayed label options.
    • A regression in a documentation article and demo. Multiple lines indicator didn't work after changes related to migrating MultipleLines mixin to composition.
    • Long flag labels were not distributed properly which resulted in removing them.
    • Changed Arrow Infinity Line lang name from lang.arrowLine to lang.arrowInfinityLine.
    • Corrected the langKey property in Stock Tools gui for the Crooked Line 5 annotation.
    • Hovering over a pie series in a stock chart generated errors in the console.
    • Fixed error after setting new extremes in a chart with ordinal axis and invisible series.
  • Fixes in Highcharts Maps JS v9.3.0
    • Resolved broken mouse scroll on some browsers.