Highcharts Suite v11.1.0

Released: Jun 5, 2023

Actualizaciones en v11.1.0


  • New in Highcharts Core
    • Added support for mouse wheel zooming. This feature is embedded in the Highcharts Stock bundle, but requires an additional module file for the Highcharts bundle.
    • Added 'heatmap.interpolation' option for creating smooth heatmaps.
    • Added new function: Chart.getOptions(), to get the current active configuration options for the chart.
    • Added 'treegraph.fillSpace' option for treegraphs to fill the whole plot area even when some points are collapsed.
    • Added 'borderRadius' option support for funnel and pyramid series.
  • New in Highcharts Map
    • Added support for tiled web maps.


  • Fixes in Highcharts Core
    • Redundant chart redraws on changing title, subtitle or caption font size, or top level chart font size.
    • Failure in parsing negative numbers with spaces in the data module.
    • Aa regression since 10.3 causing item series update not to work correctly.
    • Axis crossing was not always correct.
    • Updating enableMouseTracking from true to false didn't work.
    • Update of multiple data labels didn't work in specific conditions.
    • pointRange wasn't calculated for multiple series with single points.
    • Border radius was wrongly applied for negative column points when the zoneAxis option was x.
    • Packed bubble parent nodes had a bad position after width update.
    • Invisible data labels in treegraph series reacted to hover.
    • A regression in v11, wrong placement for data labels in dumbbell series.
    • yAxis.maxPadding was ignored when yAxis.softMin was set.
    • A regression causing small sankey nodes rendering as circles.
    • Updating the tooltip didn't work when wasn't declared in the chart configuration.
  • Fixes in Highcharts Stock
    • Dragging annotations on chart with ordinal axes was inconsistent.
    • Text of annotation label was missing after updating it.
    • Panning on ordinal axis was inconsistent.
    • Wrong position and size of stockTools rectangle after resizing it on second y-axis.
    • Last point in zoomed ordinal axis was not visible.
    • Wrong approximation set for cumulative sum when dataGrouping was enabled.
    • VBP indicator did not update correctly.
  • Fixes in Highcharts Maps
    • Animation should not change the positions of map points while quick scrolling on the touchpad.
    • Map drilldown didn't work with multiple series.
  • Fixes in Highcharts Gantt
    • Better colors for arrows and top-level task title in dark mode in styled mode Gantt.