Lanzamientos de Highcharts Stock JS

Released: Feb 2, 2021

Actualizaciones en v9.0.x


Updated Feb 16, 2021


  • Exposed Highcharts.AST and provided samples of overriding the HTML allow lists.
  • Auto compute heading level for the pre-chart accessibility description.
  • Added success callback for exportChartLocal.


  • Fixes in Highcharts Stock JS v9.0.1
    • Fixed #15124, range selector with inputs wider than the plot and no buttons threw.
    • Fixed #14977, MACD indicator index param did not work.
    • Fixed #13473, it was not possible to scroll back down to the threshold after scrolling...

Released: Aug 20, 2020

Actualizaciones en v8.2.x


Updated Oct 22, 2020


  • Fixed #14060, navigator's yAxis did not match the chart.
  • Fixed #14254, the plotBands.acrossPanes option had no effect.
  • Fixed #13751, wrong clip path after adding/removing series.
  • Fixed #13950, in StockTools, adding technical indicators to column-type series did not use the same dataGrouping.approximation.
  • Fixed #13811, Point.partialFill didn't override Series.partialFill.
  • Fixed #14356, offline PDF export failed for larger datasets.
  • Fixed #14352, wrong button...

Released: May 5, 2020

Actualizaciones en v8.1.x


Updated Jun 16, 2020


  • Fixes in Highcharts v8.1.2
    • Fixed #13708, a regression breaking Highcharts.keys.
    • Fixed #13680, chart.addSeries failed after calling chart.setSize on a chart with no data.
    • Fixed #13698, a11y not working properly with user tabindex.
    • Fixed #13674, a regression in v8.1.1 causing pie drilldown animation not to work.
    • Fixed #13576, a regression causing drag and drop to fail for some values in the boxplot series.
    • Fixed #13681, reference to global Highcharts scope in...

Released: Dec 10, 2019

Actualizaciones en v8.0.x


Updated Mar 10, 2020


  • New in Highcharts v8.0.4
    • Added new option, tooltip.stickOnContact, to allow the tooltip to stick when hovering it with the mouse or when touched.


  • Fixes in Highcharts Stock v8.0.4
    • Fixed issue with rangeSelector buttons alignment.
  • Fixes in Highcharts v8.0.4
    • Fixed #13042, getTimezoneOffset callback passed inconsistent value type.
    • Fixed #13018, the vertical axis line and labels were incorrectly positioned when the pane.startAngle, xAxis.angle (inverted...

Released: Oct 31, 2019

Actualizaciones en v7.2.1


  • Added new accessibility options with more flexibility for customizing the hidden screen reader regions.
  • Added feature to draw plot lines on radial axes from the inner to the outer radius of the main pane.
  • Added support for combining tooltip.split and tooltip.outside.

Released: Sep 3, 2019

Actualizaciones en v7.2.0


  • Added new top-level option, caption. The caption has similar structure to title and subtitle. It renders a chart description below the chart contents, supports reponsiveness and is part of exported charts.
  • Added support for multiple color axes for almost all series. Visually, the color axis will appear as a gradient or as separate items inside the legend, depending on whether the axis is scalar or based on data classes.
  • Added high-contrast-light and high-contrast-dark themes with...

Released: Aug 14, 2019

Actualizaciones en v7.1.3


  • New in Highcharts v7.1.3
    • Added new 'minLinkWidth' option to sankey series.
    • Added support for 'label.formatter' callback for plot lines and plot bands.
    • Made chart credits accessible to screen readers.
    • Added support for number type in ''.
    • Added 'crop' and 'overflow' options for stack labels.
    • Added sensible defaults to plot lines and bands. A plot band can now be initialized with only a 'value', and a plot band with either 'from', 'to', or both.
    • Added new option...

Released: Jun 3, 2019

Actualizaciones en v7.1.2


  • New in Highstock 7.1.2
    • Added new options plotBands.acrossPanes and plotLines.acrossPanes to control rendering lines across all panes.
  • New in Highcharts Basic 7.1.2
    • Added new feature, vertically scrollable plot area.
      This adds native scrolling features vertically, and is enabled using the chart.scrollablePlotArea.minHeight setting.
    • Deprecated the 'labels' option in favor of 'annotations'.
    • Added stack labels feature to waterfall series.
    • Added auto alignment for solid gauges with...

Released: Apr 9, 2019

Actualizaciones en v7.1.1

Updates in v7.1.1

  • New Features:
    • Added new option, chart.scrollablePlotArea.opacity, to control opacity of the scrollable mask.
    • Changed default states.inactive.opacity for map and mapline series to prevent dimming map shapes.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed #10432, missing category name in tooltip when using boost module.
    • Fixed #10466, reset zoom button moved offscreen when using scrollablePlotArea.
    • Fixed #10471, pareto series wasn't rendering when baseSeries was set to first series by 0 number.
    • Fixed #10496, data...

Released: Apr 1, 2019

Actualizaciones en v7.1.0


  • Added Organization Chart series type.
  • Added Item Chart series type for visualizing item counts and parliaments.
  • Added Dependency Wheel series type.
  • Added Timeline series type.
  • Added 3D Pyramid and 3D Funnel series types.
  • Accessibility - improved experience for screen reader users, support for dynamic data and drilldown, as well as support for voice input software.
  • Added inactive states to series and points, allowing other series to be dimmed when the user is hovering the data or...